Taliban Kills About 90 Afghan Security Officials In Helmand Province


It seems to be that Afghan security forces has determined to fight hard with Taliban to remove their ruling in Helmand province as both sides has been battling each other since weeks while about 90 officers have been killed since previous two-day.


However, the deputy governor of southern province Helmand, Mohammad Jan Rasulyar has stated via his Facebook account on Sunday that Afghanistan coalition forces as well its own security forces have been struggling to take the volatile province from the custody of Taliban who may have lost it soon.

Jan Rasulyar has also described that the President Ashraf Ghani is showing careless behavior to take action in a center of opium production against the Islamist fighters, warned on Facebook, “Your Excellency, Helmand is standing on the brink and there is a serious need for you to come,”

Nevertheless, the Afghan security forces have been faced a large number of killings of its officers while fighting with Taliban in Samangan and Gereshk district so far, Jan Rasulyar said that if the President doesn’t take action at the moment so Helmand will be lost and it would be toughest to get the land from Taliban same as northern city of Kunduz in late September.

If Taliban were successful to seize the Helmand, it would be a harder slap in face of current government who has claimed its security forces remained successful to overcome the critical condition since NATO forces ended combat operations previous year.

However, we all have been seeing the strong position of Taliban in ongoing fighting and despite of Kunduz fall, government has been demonstrating bit poor performance tackling the militant organization in country.

In the response of Jan Rasulyar’s statement, Mohammad Rasool Zazai, military spokesman said that their forces have power to tackle the Taliban while they will never let the Helmand lost.


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