Taylor Swift World’s Highest Paid Celebrity According To Forbes


Taylor Swift the 24 years old artist shock the word this time by coming on the top of the list of highly paid celebrities of Forbes this time no one even hopes that Taylor Swift is going to be that celebrity which beats all the celebrities down.


Forbes is an international celebrity magazine every year this magazine creates the list of top ten highly paid celebrities all over the world and this the Taylor Swift is that celebrity which beats down all the other 99 richest celebrities of the world.

This year in 2016 the total grossed income of Taylor Swift which she banked is 223 million dollars in United States currency this amount is equal to 170 million dollars which is really a big amount last year in 2015.

The total grossed income of Taylor Swift is just 105 million dollars and in United States currency is 80 million dollars but this time in years 2016 she scored 223 million dollars this amount is more than double than her income of year 2015.

The life turning point of Taylor Swift is her world Tour of 1989 during this world tour during her this world tour she smashes the records of Rolling Stones North America during this time period she earned 263 million dollars which is a very shocking moment for the world that a teenager girl beats the professional singers.

This year there is a very shocking change occurs in the list of top 100 celebrities of the world this year monthly income of Madonna is 100 million Dollars, Bruce Springsteen 79 million dollars, Adele 105 million dollars and Rihaana with 98 million dollars.

Ex boyfriend of Taylor Swift is on 21 positions with yearly grossed income of 63 million dollars in United States currency but the most shocking change occurs in the account of Ketty Perry in 2015 her income is 177 million dollars but in 2016 her income is just 54 million dollars.


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