Tensions Between Pakistan And India Escalated Along Disputed Kashmir Frontier


The Nuclear armed countries India and Pakistan continuously violating the laws of Line of control as Pakistani soldier knock down two Indian soldiers across the disputed boundary of Kashmir region on Saturday 29 October.


Pakistani troops accused Indian army of killing 3 civilians which include an only seven years old girl on Friday along when Indian soldiers firstly opened fire overruled the laws of line of control; there are several people that injured in latest violence.

Pakistani armed force pledged to take revenge from Indian forces knockout 2 Indian soldiers across the disputed frontier of Kashmir region.

Indian Military carried out attack on Nakyal sector, near the frontier that divided Indian region from Pakistan Punjab province on Friday, Pakistani official confirmed the death of three civilians including 7-years old girl and a women while there are five other injured when Indian troops outlawed LoC.

In order to take revenge of three Pakistani civilians, Pakistani Army opened fire near Machil sector across the disputed boundary between India and Pakistan, killed 2 Indian soldiers.

According to an Indian Army officer, some militants ambushed overnight on Indian army patrol, kill one, while then Pakistani troops opened fire near Machil sector and killed another one across the disputed division of India and Pakistan.

The situation between religious rivals initiated after India accused Pakistan for running Uri attack, Pakistani refused the India’s allegation but intense words delivered by Indian army, carried out a dramatic surgical strike in Pakistani region and initiated the continuous violence over Pakistan.

Instead of Multiple requests, United Nations not even discussed the matter then Pakistani armed forces decided to take revenge for each and every attack on Pakistan.

Now there exist a clear deep rift between Pakistan and India as both thoroughly banning each other things in their homelands.


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