There was no common fault in Note 7, Samsung says



Samsung flagship handset of this summer “Galaxy Note 7” turned into a kind of commercial catastrophe for Samsung. The latest handset is considered to have been excessively designed aggressively, that resulted a fault in battery, which grounded the mechanism to combine. This eventually intended that the Note 7 was dangerous as electrodes of battery could combine, ensuing in a thermal reaction: in further wordings, the devices may possibly catch fire or burst. Samsung at first started the replacement of Galaxy Note 7 devices with new ones, but the substitution also comprised the similar problem suggesting that maybe Samsung hurried Galaxy Note 7 release with the purpose of releasing the handset to the lead of Apple iPhone 7 launch: Whatsoever the motive, Samsung evoked every 2.5 million Note 7 Smartphone, providing it somewhat of a recycling problem, and place as regards compensating users through an upgrade to upcoming flagship of Samsung Galaxy, the Galaxy S8 Smartphone launching in start of 2017.


On the other hand, some users are not pleased with Samsung’s decision: as, the families of Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Galaxy S are associated but not the same, with range of Galaxy Note approaching with extra features on top of Galaxy S, most particularly powered by S Pen of Samsung. And a few of these discontented users are not happy with compensation of Samsung for their problem at not containing Galaxy Note 7 handset and are charging Samsung for 500,000 and won approx $450. This charge comprises the expenditure of the visits of after-sale to counters and intended for being worried regarding the device blast. Though, the source editorial clarifies that Samsung, in accordance with industry resources, has employed a legal agent and written to Seoul Central District Court to give details that Galaxy Note 7 handsets “had no common defect” and its evoke has been proper.

Statement of Samsung that Galaxy Note 7 handsets not containing a common fault is an appealing statement for corporation to make, provided that subsequent to being incapable to determine the issue of battery it evoked all devices. It appears like corporation does not desire to confess that Galaxy Note 7 has a manufacturing or design defect, and even as there are a few people who merely desired Galaxy Note 7 and possibly will not be pleased with whichever the existing or upcoming Galaxy S Smartphone generation, it is hard to observe how Samsung may possibly place people right particularly if corporation will not be launching a latest generation device Note 8 later upcoming year. The corporation wants to stride cautiously if it is to evade separating small collection of users, approx 2,400 at present, even though as long as this is a little amount of 2.5 million sales of Galaxy Note 7, it is possibly no revelation that the corporation has toughened its approach. Though, for now we are expecting that these discontented users and Samsung will be swapping letters for the moment earlier than the petition is attended at court.



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