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Thomas De Maiziere Interior Minister Of German Puts Partial Ban On Wearing Burqa

The Interior Minister of German Thomas de Maiziere put ban on wearing Burqa on women but this ban is a partial Ban as first the government decided to put ban on whole Burqa.
First the government of Germany decided to put ban of whole Burqa as Muslims women are not allowed to wear any sort of Burqa or Veil but after that the Interior Minister of Germany said that we don’t have any problem form Burqa but the real problem is that these women don’t show their faces.
Further Thomas de Maiziere added according to the culture of Germany if a woman wants to stay here than she must have to show her face for the Public interaction so the Burqa is not totally banned it is a partial Ban that women are allowed to cover their body but they must have to show their face.
Further De Maiziere repeated the statement of Interior Minister and includes its unique part that the Government is rejecting the full veil as some of the women do full veil and only their eyes on their face are visible and this thing don’t fits in the society so women just have to show their face and nothing else.
It mean that they can do such type of veil in which in which their hairs and neck is covered but their face is visible and this rule is strongly applied on those women which are working on public places, schools, universities, nurseries as well as other market places.
Women are also guided to don’t hide their faces while they are driving but this law is not till now permanently approved in a survey report of Federal Office for Migration and Refugees in year 2009 that two third Muslim Women in Germany don’t wear full veil.

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