Tianjin, Bus Falls into Ditch at Expressway, 26 killed 4 Injured


While crossing on express way a bus fall down at a ditch at Tianjin which is situated at the northern portion of China in this bus crash 26 people are killed and 4 are injured.


This is a luxury royal bus along with birth seats the capacity of this bus is of 30 passengers this bus is on a long route and crossing a ditch at Tianjin while crossing the ditch the tire of the bus is busted.

The driver of the bus is unable to control the bus but he is unable to control the first the bus crashed with the save reeling along the sides of that highway as the bus was in speed the reeling of the highway breaks down.

After this the buss falls downs at the ditch in the result of this accidental crash 26 out of 30 passengers were dead and 4 are injured when the people goes near to the bus and see the condition then they observe that all the passengers are dead.

but when the rescue operation is stared 4 of the passengers are alive than the people left everything and tried their best to save the life of these 4 alive passengers.

These four passengers are sent to the hospital as soon as possible there they are first treated with first aid than after their proper treatment the doctor said the 3 of these injured passengers are in very critical condition and there is no chance that 2 injured passengers will survive as they are buried under the accessories of passengers which hurts them badly.

In investigation it was clear that the tire of the bus was busted just due to the heat of road and the is on a long route that why the tires are busted.


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