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Today’s Attack On West Bank And Jerusalem Is Fourth Attack On Israel In Uptick In Violence

Jerusalem: Saturday’s attack by the Palestine West Bank of Israel in the fourth one which is in less than 24 hours that shows the violence as two men killed in the fourth attack, done by a man which is also wounded in the terror deadly attack.
Attack after attack on Israel which are violent incident after that of deadly terror attack by man from Palestine because he killed two Israeli but he left the life of wife of one of the man which are killed by him.
This attack is done after the terror attack in West Bank when mother and father were shot in bank in car which shows the tensions of the people as well as the Government of Israel.
According to the police of Jerusalem, an Arab driver was attacked by a young Jewish man near that of Manila Mall as this man ran over the pedestrian who was light injured by car.
So after this attack by Jewish young man, in this same area a dispute was also between the young ones of Palestine and Jewish in which one of them was sprayed by the pepper spray so police is in search of that attacker.
But in all attacks major one is considered as the fight between Arab driver and Jews at Manila Mall therefore in this respect police has also arrested eight Israeli right wing activists. So stone were also thrown on light rail of Jerusalem which caused some kind of damage but there is no report of any death or even injury.
After three attacks, fourth one was most disturbing one because in this attack in West Bank ended with the death of two persons but on the other side two person including a mother and her baby were also injured in this attack. So attacker was killed by the security forces.

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