Tom Cruise Bio, Height, Weight, Chest, Biceps, Body Size In 2017



A popular American producer and actor, Thomas Cruise, very well-known for his personality worldwide. He was born in July 1962 at US. He started his career at the age of nineteen and from then till now he is loved by women because of charming and cool personality.

He is well-known for its frequently changed hairstyles, which are then followed by public. He is also the one richest actor in world and had won 3 awards of Golden Gold on his acting. He married thrice and have three children.

When we talk about Tom Cruise body some questions raise in our mind about him. For your ease some common questions are answered below.

How old Tom cruise is?

Tom born on 3rd of July in 1962 and now after turning 54 he still looks so young and perfect.

Weight of Tom Cruise?

Cruise is a handsome hunk and with his this age of 54 he carries weight of 67kg/148pounds. He is regular to workouts and take care of his diet. This thing also supports him to remain strong fresh and sexy. In 90,s and after he was admired as a perfect body man. Due to ideal Tom Cruise body and weight he is endorsed by several brands.

Height of Tom Cruise?

Cruise height is an issue for all time. Some sources stated it 5feet and 9inches, but many people said it a fallacy. About Tom Cruise body people always he is short. And somehow it is true, to shoot photos and for gatherings Tom used to wear big sole shoes.

Other some facts and sizes of Tom Cruise:

Waistline measurement of Tom is stated 30inches and chest size is 50 while bicep is 16inches. He wear 12 number shoes of US standard. His favourite food include lobster, Italian pasta and flounder etc.

Net worth of Tom Cruise is 350 million dollars and he is living a prosperous life, with a great repute in Hollywood industry.

Now the interesting but sad news for Tom fans are going to discussed. Tom Cruise the handsome popular celebrity of America adopted different procedures of plastic surgeries including teeth surgery and nose job. Beside this he underwent some cosmetic treatments that are Botox and filling injections.

Measurements stated above about Tom Cruise body are real but old, don’t panic. Now the handsome Tom Cruise didn’t look like before. His body figure has changed. His face goes a chubby. After the plastic and cosmetic surgeries his teeth look different but good.

About Tom Cruise someone said, did Tom has been bitten by bees?

He still looks good along with his age but not that handsome hunk like his hey days. Just compare his old and new pics he is changed. The most cute and beautiful thing on his face was his dimples, he looked so dashing and appealing with them but now after plastic surgery these dimples are vanished.

But don’t worry Tom Cruise body is still enough charming and attractive so female-folk die on him.


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