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Top 10 Beautiful Mosques In The World 2016, What Is The Biggest And Largest Mosque In World 2017

This world is consist of so many countries which are estimate about 196 so in these countries there are large number of Muslims countries or majority muslin popular countries, the topic of under discussion is about the top 10 beautiful mosques in the world.

As it’s in knowledge of every person that mosques are not only in Muslims countries but also in other non Muslim countries. So in this respect there are great number of mosques present in this world which shows the symbol of greatness and in these mosques some are really very beautiful because of their architecture, lot of money has been spent on these mosques to make them very beautiful, flawless and technological design with use of technology and most important religion effects made make these mosques more lovely, tremendous, beautiful and attractive.
So here we have the list of top ten beautiful Mosques in the world 2016.

10: Hassan II Mosque

Hassan || Mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques of the world which is located in Casablanca, Morocco, considered as 13th largest Mosque of the world all time with respect to its size, as minaret of this mosque are also considered to be the biggest because of its size which is never less than 210 meters, so this minaret has about 60 stories high, this mosques was completed and opened for public in 1993. As interesting to know that this is located on the bank or over the Atlantic Ocean, this mosques is totally made of expensive hand crafted marble, maximum over one lac prayers can gathered her to offer their prayer in which 25,000 inside the hall and remaining 80,000 in ground of Mosque.
Beautiful Mosque

9: Sabanci Mosque

Sabanci Mosque which is also known as Sabanci Central mosque is the largest, biggest and most beautiful mosque not only in turkey but also of the world, this is located in city Adana, this mosque look just same as Sultan Ahmed Mosque Istanbul because it has also six minarets. This mosque was completed in 1998 with opened same year for public so this mosque has total area of 52,600 square meters with 6,600 square meters area is closed, the height of dome of this mosque is 54 meters with minarets are 99 meters high, as this was jointly made under Sabanci Foundation and Turkish Government, so total capacity in this mosque is about 28,500 which can gathered here to offer their prayers.
Beautiful Mosque

8: Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque

Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque is another example of great architecture because this is most beautiful mosque in the world which is situated in the Capital of Sultanate of Brunei, Bandar Seri Begawan so this is also known as most attractive place for the attraction for the tourists in this country Brunei because this is most beautiful mosque in Pacific Asia. Its name is in the name of Sultan Omr Ali which is 28th Sultan of the richest country Brunei, this was completed in 1958 but considered as great example of modern architecture in Islam because it also shows some of style of Mughal Architecture, total cost on the construction of this mosque is about 7 to 9.2 million dollars with dome of Mosque made of gold.
Beautiful Mosque

7: Faisal Mosque

Another grand beautiful mosque of the world is none other than of Faisal Mosque as this is largest mosque in Pakistan, this mosque is located in beautiful capital of Pakistan Islamabad, it was designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay so construction of this mosque was completed in 1986. As it is really interesting to know that it was largest as well as biggest mosque of the world at time of its construction in 1986 but after the expansion of Masjid Al Haram now it is 4th largest mosque in the world, total capacity of people which can gathered in this area are about 2 lac, the name was Mosque was taken in the name of King Faisal bin Abdul-Aziz of Saudi Arabia who support financial in the construction of this mosque.
Beautiful Mosque

6: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque is also known as Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is most beautiful in the world as this is located in the Capital of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, this mosque is so called by this name because it was started by late president of this country Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan which was want to construct a major architecture in its country. So his grave is also in this mosque, this mosque was construct in 11 years from 1996 to 1997, total area covered by this Mosque is about 12 hectares, so total capacity of people gathered in this mosque is about 41,000 which can only visited single time in a year during the prayer of Eid.
Beautiful Mosque

5: Floating Mosque

Another best and most beautiful mosque of the world which is none other than that of Floating mosque that is also known as Tengku Tengah Zaharah Mosque, which called so far first as well as only floating mosque of the world situated in Malaysia, 4 kilometers away from Kuala Terengganu Town. As it is amazing to know that it was completed in about 2 years from 1993 to 1995, therefore it was opened for public in July same year of its construction by Sultan Mahmud Al-Muktafi Billah Shah, this is totally made of white marble which covers only the area of 5 acres that has capacity of only 2 thousand people gathered to offer their prayers.
Beautiful Mosque

4: Mosque of Cordoba

Another mosque which is covered with tremendous beauty that is Mosque of Cordoba also known as Mosque–Cathedral of Córdoba, as this mosque is located in Spain which is now a Catholic church, so this mosque has very old history because it was a church in 600 BC but when Muslims conquered this country it was change into halves of Church and Mosque but it was again changed into church in 1236 which is still as like. So this is also included in UNESCO World Heritage Site, this shape of church is completed in 987 but it is known as one of the great mosques of the world which attract the world by their architecture and magnificent beauty.
Beautiful Mosque

3: Al Aqsa Mosque

Al Aqsa is also most magnificent beautiful mosque of the world as this is also known as Bayt al-Muqaddas which was holiest place for Muslims before Mecca but after that this also third holiest place which is located in historical city of Palestine Jerusalem, as this mosque is so much big that it has four minarets as well as seventeen gates. It was constructed in 705 CE by caliph Rashid bin Umar, it has the capacity more than 5000 people to gathered here, as it has 12 tombs with 2 bigger and 1o small tombs which all shows the great architectural construction of Muslim but unfortunately this beautiful old city is under the control of Israel but Mosque is under control of Palestine.
Beautiful Mosque

2: Masjid E Nabawi

Masjid E Nabawi is holiest and most sacred place for Muslims because it was build by prophet Muhammad PBUH which is located in City of Saudi Arabia named as Madina as this mosque is second masjid built in the history of Muslims therefore this is now second largest mosque of the world, also most beautiful. This mosque was originally adjacent to house of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, it was rebuild several times in the history Islam mainly in 19th century because it is also holy Place of Prophet PBUH, it has 10 Minarets in which every minaret is of 105 meters high so total capacity in this mosque is about 10 lac which is second largest in all mosques of world.
Beautiful Mosque

1: Masjid Al Haram

The most beautiful, sacred, great or grand mosque of not only Mecca but also of the world which is known as Masjid Al Haram, this is also largest as well as holiest place for Muslims because Mecca is kaaba is also in this mosque, so this is located in Mecca the holy city of Saudi Arabia. Total area covered by this Masjid is about 356,800 square meters because millions of people gathered at this place every year on the Holy event of Hajj from all over the world as it has capacity of 40,00,000 people offer their prayer here, this is oldest mosque in the history of Islam, this masjid has 9 Minarets with every Minaret has 89 meters high.
Beautiful Mosque

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