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Top 10 Best Selling Handbags Brands In The World 2017

As day by day, number of accessories of people of the world specially women are increasing which including clothing, shoes jewelry, watches, wallets and now new fashion that is in, in the women which is beautiful and expensive handbags because without these accessories life and style of the women is incomplete.
But as talk about the choices of the women these this can vary from one to another because some women are fond of clothing but other may be fond of expensive shoes and beautiful jewelry but some women want everything in their life so much perfect and elegant therefore they us special brands of everything to look perfect or stunning among the people.
but we are now discussing nothing but the best selling handbags in the world which are most used by the women so for this purpose there are large number of brands in the world in which everyone has its own specialty.

So here is the list of top 10 best selling handbags brands in the world 2016.

10: Christian Dior

Christian Dior is one of the best luxurious items companies of Europe which is also one of the oldest companies because it was established in 1946, A new standard, Christian Dior’s Lady Bag was given as a prominent gift to Princess Diana from the first lady of France which was Bernadette Chirac, After the attractive Princess was photographed with this bag, the bag was straight away named after her and has graceful the forearms of the stylish and complicated ever since. Each bag of this brand is handmade and each bloodshed quilted square pattern is hand crafted and then fixed with either gold or silver hardware, While possibly the most well-known Lady bag materials are copyright calfskin and leather but person can buy a python one for $11,800.

9: Burberry

Burberry is another bestselling brand of handbags in the world as this company is also known as luxurious one of the England whose headquarter is in London so this not only include handbags but also ready to wear, fragrances, cosmetics, sunglasses and fashionable accessories so interesting to know that this is an oldest company of the world because established in 1856 but still managed to maintain its status in the market of the world. This company is especially famous of female accessories but more important its beautiful different kinds of lady handbags so accessories of this company used by many actors, musicians, models and famous personalities of the world therefore company has franchises and branded stores all around the world.

8: Marc Jacobs

So another good name in the world of the fashion is none other than that of marc Jacobs, This is a high silhouette fashion brand in the world which has run by popular American fashion designer who is also the head designer for Marc Jacobs so company is in name of this designer. As this is one of most famous fashion colossal all over the world therefore Marc Jacobs offer most comfortable items including handbags but these having high cost for which it has been added in the list of most expensive as well as best selling handbag brands in the world. Marc Jacobs come with eternal design in retro-inspired fashion with idiosyncratic and adaptable handbags giving it a high-end status in its product line.

7: Prada

Prada is another one of most deluxe, luxurious and high end handbags brand which also offers many other accessories ready to wear leather accessories and fashion items all around the world because the Italian luxury fashion house deals in handbags, shoes, perfumes, luggage, watches therefore this brand is considered as one of the most elegant choices for handbags with also other accessories of fashion. Miuccia Prada operated Miuccia Prada is the symbol of a modest and imaginative style with modern and womanly edge giving the best choices to women to buy from a large range as well as quality of stylish and elegant making it best selling handbag in the world as interesting to know that also included in the expensive brands.

6: Balenciaga

Another luxurious brand which is famous all over the world as this is best fashion accessories of Spain, while this brand was recognized in 1915, Balenciaga saw resurgence in 2003, when Nicolas Ghesquière shaped the Motorcycle Bag completely for the fashion house’s runway show.his was as much beautiful that Model Kate Moss fell in love with bag, Balenciaga then made it available for buy and after that it has fashion history, A contemporary standard, the bags are made of a very light, soft, durable leather and come with leather framed mirrors and cell phone pockets to make it superior than other, There are two hand straps secure to the bags as well as a removable longer shoulder strap so this is also expensive brand also.

5: Hermes

The best known luxurious items company in the world is none other than the HERMES, This is French manufacturer Hermès is a synonym of superlative craftsmanship which has enchanted world by giving astonishing craftsmanship and designs like Birkin and Kelly which are two further short brands in the world. The high profile fashion brand well-known for its leather, lifestyle accessories and lavishness products for which it stands among the most expensive as well as best selling handbag brands in the world because of contribution the master or big craftsmanship and stylish fashionable goods in product line of women accessories and bags. Hermes has been established by Thierry Hermès whose main headquartered in Paris as this also deals in high fashion clothing and accessories of fashion.

4: Gucci Jackie

The Gucci Jackie Bag is another sensation than never goes out of approach, style and fashion, which was Created or manufactured in the late 1950’s for the bag’s namesake Jackie Kennedy Onassis, it has remained a fashion accessory fastened,. It was even somewhat redesigned and re-launched again in 1999, but both the old and new Jackie’s are still accessible because both are working in the market. The shoulder bag, which is in fact quite contented and luxurious, has the signature Gucci piston grasp, this is Handmade in Italy, it comes in many styles and material, therefore considered as best selling as well as expensive handbag in the world because this has sold in $20,400 therefore remarkable brand is well.

3: Chanel

Chanel is another well known luxurious fashion Accessories Company of the world, The Chanel bag is the personification of a classic as well as stylish handbag, It is simply intended and crafted, therefore it was first introduced in 1955 by Coco Chanel herself, who was exhausted of carrying her purse in her hands and wanted something stylish for her shoulders. It was somewhat re designed in 1983 by Karl Lagerfeld, who added the iconic CC clutch therefore this is known as best selling fashion brand in the world but prices of this brand increases annually therefore also considered as one of the most expensive brands in the world but despite of this sale of this brand is also increases every year.

2: Michael Kors

There is no need to introduce this luxurious, stylish and beautiful brand of the world as this is one of the oldest companies in the world that has also won many awards in this respect for luxurious accessories in the world so this company has large number of designs of the handbags therefore known as best selling handbag brand in the world due to their quality products. These are as much beautiful that it is dream of every women to have handbag of this company because these are much stylish as well as trendy but it is also most expensive band of handbag in the world, this brand also have ready to wear accessories, fragrances, jewelry, shoes and many other luxurious items.

1: Kate Spade

Kate Spade is the foremost deluxe brand in the world in respect to handbag in the world as this is stylish company in America as this brand gives the best quality products made of leather and this is main reason that this brand is known as expensive as well as best selling quality products in the world so due to best material used this brand got the top position in this list. Despite of luxurious handbags, company also provide sunglasses, shoes, fragrances, jewelry and many other stylish items specially for women so products of this brand also used by bigger personalities like actors, musicians or politician therefore there is no doubt in the quality of this product in the market of the world.

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