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Top 10 Biggest And Largest Animals In The World 2017

This world is so much big therefore it is composed of so many creatures so according to estimate about 8.7 million creatures are exist in this world so in these all creatures there are some big and small creatures even so small that cannot seen by naked eye, so on the other hand as much big that cannot be imagined by the mind of man.
But we have to discussed about the biggest animals in the world which can be categorized through various ways such as reptiles, mammals, amphibians, birds and many other but in all these there are some of the particular biggest animals which are known by the people of the world so biggest size is main reason their popularity in this world, some of us may think that biggest animals will be heaviest, tallest or largest.
So here is the list of top 10 biggest animals in the world.

10: The Capybara

The capybara is one of the biggest animals in the world as he is known as large rodent of the genus Hydrochoerus therefore also known as largest rodent of the world, so in its inheritance rock cavies and guinea pigs are closely related with this animal but more related with coypu, agouti and may be chinchillas. These are more found in South America therefore these are live near the great bodies of water, they are mostly lived in large forms therefore they are known as social animals usually in 10 to 20 in number in a group, these are not wild animals therefore it can be hunted for the sack of getting its meat and skin of this animal is also used in medicines.
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9: The Giant Golden Crowned flying Fox

The Giant Golden Crowned flying Fox is also known in the world for its biggest size as it is also so far called as golden capped fruit bat or mega bat of the world they may be in danger because they can only survive in forests but due to destruction of forest they can found fewer places to live. But according to reports they are more found in the forests of Philippines so as talk about the size of this great animals than it has about 5 feet but it is not destructive towards all human beings as those of other biggest bats in the world therefore they can be easily handles through proper training because there may less in number bats which can be dangerous.
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8: Flemish Giant

Flemish Giant is another kind of greatest animals of the world as these are other form of rabbits which are greatest so this is also breed of the domestic rabbits but famous due to its largest size so this is biggest mammal of the world, according to the history of this animal this is oldest breed animals as this is coming from the Flemish giant animals so weight of this biggest animals is about 13 kg. so this is basically originated from Flanders in early of 16th century, as talk about the behavior of this animal it is more tolerate to handle therefore it is less fearful, this biggest rabbit is only differ from other rabbits due to its size but same in all other activities.
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7: The Chinese Giant Salamander

The Chinese Giant Salamander is known as larges or biggest amphibian and also largest salamander of the world because according to recent research on this animal it has size about 6 feet, it can easily found in the rocks, lakes and mountain streams of china but now it can be found in Taiwan due to introduction in this country. On the other hand it is largely used in medicines in China which are known as traditional china medicines so it is also known as living fossil therefore it is protected by the Government and under the laws of China but it is estimated that total population of this biggest animal is decline more than 80 % which is fearful for the country or may be for the world.
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6: Saltwater Crocodile

Crocodile is known as one of the biggest reptiles of the world but Saltwater is biggest than that of all types of crocodiles in the world so far this is known as sea going crocodile, marine crocodile, pacific crocodile or may be saltie, as it is not only biggest in size but largest riparian predator and largest terrestrial of the world. So as talk about the size of this reptile than males of this kind have least size about 6.33 meters but it can be reached about 7 meters and about 1200 kg of weight but as talk about females which are just about 3 meters, these are found in eastern coast of India, looked just like of specific crocodiles found in the world.
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5: Brown Bear

Brown Bear is also famous animal in the world which is known as biggest mammals of the world, they are found mostly in North America, Northern Eurasia and also carnivoran, but it is interesting to know that there are many species in the world which are looked alike of this animals. As talk about the population of this specie which is 200,000 in the world so according to reports only American Black bear is considered as non threatened by IUCN so Marsican brown bear is found less in number in the world which is found in Italy with just population of 20 to 30, according to history this can be found about 400,000 years ago so they have size about 3 meters with one ton of weight.
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4: Southern Elephant Seal

Southern Elephant Seal is the biggest animal in the world as this is considered in one of those two extent elephant seal of the world so this animal got its name due to its largest size therefore this is known as Elephant seal which can make large roaring noise which is large during mating season. As according to research this is 40% larger than that of northern elephant Seal, this is six to seven times larger than with respect to weight than that of Polar bear so it can easily be distinguished between Southern Elephant seal and northern Elephant Seal therefore it is also faster in fighting, it is 5.8 meters in measurement with about 2200 kg.
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3: Giraffe

Giraffe is known as popular biggest animal in the world which is so far called even-toed ungulate mammal of Africa so it refers to largest ruminant of the world which is looked like of camel shaped that has color same as leopard but its main and major difference from all other animals is that its extra long neck, legs so it is came under the family of Girafidae that has also close relation with Okapi therefore it has nine subspecies which are different due to its coat pattern. They are found easily in every big forests but most in the South Africa, Somalia, Nigeria, Grassland and woodlands, main source of food is Acacia leaves, they are usually live in large number of groups.
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2: African Elephant

Another biggest animal of the world is none other than that of African Elephant which is genus of Laxotonda that have another two species which are named as African Forest Elephant and African Bush Elephant therefore Laxotonda is also one of these two kinds of elephant which is called as Elephantidae. These are most found in the old middle states Pliocene and in the forests of Africa, as they are long from 3 to 4 m with the weight of never less than 3000 kg therefore this is known as biggest animal of the world, according to reports that the biggest elephant found is of 4 meters height and have 10 tons of weight, so elephant has 4 molars in which every molar has weight about 5 kg.
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1: The Blue Whale

At the end the biggest animal of all in the world is so far called as The Blue Whale so this is Marine mammal which is closely related to baleen whales, it is longest mammal because it is 30 meter long with weight that has been is never more than 173 tons therefore it is considered as biggest animal in the world. So this animal has various types of body which is grey bluish color so these are mostly found in South Pacific Ocean and also in Indian Ocean, as interesting to know that this specie is most abundant than that of all species of Whales in the world, therefore it was reported that there are about 5000 to 12,000 blue whales found in the world.
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