Top 10 countries with best education system in the world 2017


Education is most important ornament of the world because without proper guidance and education our new generation has no future because without this they cannot survive in this difficulty world but is very shocking to hear that education system is not universal because countries have gave good education system and some are weak in this context.

Good education is the best investment of the world it returns to the owners very slowly but when the proper time comes it not only return but with high profit, well education system doesn’t mean strict environment but it means with the quality of education. All the developed countries have well quality education which is the best source of their success before the world so many countries working excellently for standard education.

So here we have list of top 10 countries with best education system in the world 2016.

10: Poland

First country in the world which is known to establish its own ministry of education which is still working with best and proper way therefore due to their success in education but most appreciated in Mathematics and other basic sciences this country is well praised and awarded many times. So country is most prominent for its higher literacy rate so according to reports that its high school is just equal to graduation in many countries because of their educational quality, this country is also best choice for the foreigner’s students to study in this country so history of education in this country goes back in 12th century as students of this country learn 70 percent of English Language.


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9: Ireland

Ireland has best education system because it is totally free and free at all level including degree level or college level so this is the way why this country is getting large appreciation in education from the world and coming at this place in this list, they keep more stress on leaning national language of the country which is Irish. So education is compulsory for children in this country, all schools including private institutes are totally funded by the government to give free and quality education at all levels to all inhabitants of country therefore this country has about 89 percent population which has compulsory school education diploma.


8: Netherland

This is country is best known in the world for its literary population which reflects the quality of education in this region and this is another country of the world which has totally education at all level but some private school often charges some kind of funds from students. So specialty about the education system in this country is that pupil should have to attend full time education at age of sixteen years and after that it is in the hands of students whether they want full day or part time education for further or higher education, so education is also divided into two parts in this country which are religious and other is public.


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7: Canada

Canada is much prominent country of the world which is famous for its quality of education so many students of different countries prefer to attend this country for higher education, so in this country different states apply different rules for education but one thing which is most common in all states, government and people which is higher attendance of people for education because government of this country is also paying excellent attention on the quality or standards of education so this country has much higher percentage of school education but enrollment in degree classes in much lower as compared to previous one, education is mostly funded by the provincial government in this region.


6: United Kingdom

Country which is well known for its quality education not only at school level but at degree level because Oxford University is number one university of the world which shows the best education of this country, so this country is known as pioneer of education because this country has very old history and establishment of education. But it is shocking to see that United Kingdom not emphasize on the education quality at primary and secondary level but higher education is getting excellent appreciation at all level therefore this country is placed at this position at this list, this country is also on the second spot for best education system in Europe.


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5: Finland

This country is best known for giving freedom to its school goings pupils and students as education is totally free in this country and meal is also given by the school authority if student will attend full time education, despite of this country has also importance for attaining more degrees at higher level. So this country is also known as leader in people who complete any form of education consistently, this country has well appreciated budget for education which is € 11.1 billion therefore this country has quality education from start to end level therefore this country has almost 100 percent literacy level which shows the work of this country on education.


4: Hong Kong

This country is well appreciated to place in this list because of best IQ people in this country by the survey so due to their education system and literate people this country is surpassing many countries of the world in technology so it is reported that this is only because of their best system of education. So this country is also called as the business center of the world but is well perfect for getting higher education but despite of all country is also working at best standards for development in all fields of education so it is in the law of country that every citizen has compulsory 9 year education.


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3: Singapore

This country Singapore is another leading state of the world for global average IQ level therefore this country has been emphasizing on compared to quantity, quality of their education and the people who go to and complete it, so according to reports that country is one of the richest countries of the world and education has well part in success of the country so now Singapore is considered as giant in this respect. As talk about the Education system then this country is investing large amount on quality education as country is investing S$12.1 billion every year on education therefore this country has literacy rate more than 96 percent.


2: South Korea

It is shocking to hear that education of this country was not well famous in the world till last decade but this country grow itself at the best level as South Korea was at number one position in this list last year so according to number this country has highest percentage of higher education in any part of the world so this is not only popular but also called as the core principle of lives of inhabitants. So country is well beyond the world due to its technology which is just due to its education system and reforms by the government, annual budget for education in this country is $11.3 billion therefore literacy rate in this region is also 99.9 percent.


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1: Japan

Most prominent country of the world for its technology, is also making its crown position in this list for their best educational system reforms by the Government so this country has given its young very impressive extent of control due to its best education system, after total breakdown of economy of this country, education was the only source for Japan by swift recovery. This country has very old history of education and may be goes beyond the ancient times so following this year literacy rate of this country is also 99.9 percent so it is necessary for every citizen of the country for attending school must at elementary level.



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