Top 10 countries with best Navy Force in the World 2017


As like of other forces in the world of any country Navy force also play an important role in protecting country from enemies in sea section, list is been prepared on the basis of strength, service and active worships, it does not include Supply vessels, non-weaponry ships, research vessel and Training vessels.

So in the strength of force they only included active women and men not reserved like that of other forces, on the other hand Worships are given more importance than that of strength of naval force, Anti Mines places into version mine hunters and minesweepers for the countries caught up. The main purpose of this force is not only to protect the sea border but it is also helpful for other purpose like that of protecting import or export of the country flowing in better way.

So check out the list of top 10 countries with best Navy force in the world 2016.

10: Taiwan

Taiwan Navy is known as republic of China Navy which was founded in 1924 and still working in best way so their main purpose is to defend ROC territories with sea area which is around the country Taiwan therefore this is more helpful for the military named as People’s Liberation Army of the country. Strength of this force is estimate about 38,000 personnel, as talk about the resources, main weapons and ships of this country which are 12 Petrol vessels, 22 Frigates, 8 Anti mines, 4 Destroyers and 2 further attack sub Marines but this force has not still aircraft carriers, missile submarines, landing ships and also amphibious attack ship but able to be more strong than other many countries.

countries with best Navy Force

9: Italy

One of the most discipline forces in the world are not complete without this force which is known as Italian Navy force which is one of the four branches of Combat Armed forces of this country so this branch was formed in 1946 after Second World War, as according to reports about this force is that it has more than 35 thousands size which consist of active personnel. Combat weapons, ships and other vessels of this force consist of 4 Patrol vessels, 17 Anti-mines, 12 Frigates, 6 Assault submarines, 3 Landing vessels, 2 Aircraft carriers and also 4 Destroyers but still this force does not have cruisers, amphibious attack ships and missile submarines but have 66 worships.

countries with best Navy Force

8: South Korea

This is known as Republic of Korean Navy which is responsible of protecting country borders in terms of sea with for conducting naval operations and amphibious landing operations, as this was formed in 1945 during the Second World War so with the increase in economy of the country, it has made well organized navy force because of counteract with North Korea but this is able to built better progressive force because this has 2 Patrol vessels, 25 Corvettes, 1 Amphibious attack ship, 9 Frigates, 10 Destroyers, 10 Anti-mines and 13 Assault submarines that are 70 worships in total but this country does not have landing vessels, cruisers and Aircraft carrier with size of 60 thousands active personnel.

countries with best Navy Force

7: India

Indian Navy comes in this place in the list which is part of Indian Combat and Armed Forces but interesting to know that president of this country always serve as the supreme commander of this force so with size this is known as fifth largest of the world so this is was found in 1830. As main purpose of this force is to protect marine borders of the country but now days using this force for promoting relations with other countries so till now this force has 24 Corvettes, 32 Patrol vessels, 14 Assault submarines, 1 Missile submarine, 2 Frigates, 19 Landing vessels, Aircraft carrier, 8 Destroyers and 1 Amphibious attack ships which are 155 in total.

countries with best Navy Force

6: France

La Royale, So far called as the French Naval Force That was formed in 1624 therefore known as one of the oldest Navies in the world as this force has performed a key part in crushing the empire of this country therefore this force has great historical importance, this force is still divided into four further parts. Strength of this force is consist of about 44 thousands active personnel, other weapons of this force included 6 Assault submarines, 19 Frigates, 4 Destroyers, 3 Amphibious attack ships, 4 Missile submarines, 18 Anti-mines, 15 Patrol vessels, 2 Landing vessels and 1 Aircraft carrier which are 72 in total worship but this force is strong enough to hold this place.

countries with best Navy Force

5: United Kingdom

The Navy Force of this country is known as Royal Navy Force as this is called as one of the oldest navy force because its foundations meets in the way back 9th century when it was first used, but it was re-made in 1660 therefore it is called as the Senior Service of the country, so after the victory of World War Second the size of this force reduced as earlier and United States made as the largest Navy Force in the World. As talk about resources of this force which are included 1 Aircraft carrier, 8 Destroyers, 25 Patrol vessels, 8 Assault submarines, 2 Amphibious attack ships, 6 Landing vessels, 15 Anti-mines, 13 Frigates and 4 missile submarines with the total size of 36,600 active soldiers of this force.

countries with best Navy Force

4: Japan

Japan Maritime Self Defense Force is part of Combat Armed Forces of best technological country Japan, it was formed in 1954 but able to known as best Navy force of the world so main purpose of this force is to maintain and protect sea lanes with Water territories as this force is participated in the leading operations of United Nation. So this force has best technology used in all weapons and sources which are 2 amphibious attack ships, 10 Destroyers, 40 Frigates, 18 Assault submarines, 3 Landing vessels, 7 Patrol vessels, 29 Anti-mines but instead of technology it does not have cruisers, and Missile Submarines but has healthy size of soldiers over 50 thousands.

countries with best Navy Force

3: China

As Navy Force of this richest country is known as People’s Liberation Army Navy that is also simply called as PLAN so this was formed after its Independence in 1950 but managed to be best Navy force of the world so due to its great population the size of this force is also so large which is never less than 255,000 soldiers. This force has further five parts therefore one of the largest Army navy, resources of this forces are also best which are 2 Amphibious attack ships, 26 Destroyers, 51 Frigates, 27 Anti-mines, 25 landing vessels, 50 Patrol vessels, 6 Missile submarines, 52 Assault submarines but they just not have Cruisers as well as Aircraft carriers as total worships are 239 in total.

countries with best Navy Force

2: Russia

Powerful country is all ways such as weapons, army, air force so he is never on back position in Navy Force, it was first formed at the end of 17th century but existing force is made in few years earlier in 1992 but regular branch was based by Peter the Great in 17th century, as this force is dissolution of the Soviet Union because of poor maintenance and short of funding but after all facts considered as best Navy force in the world that has great sources of in this force included 1 Aircraft carrier, 11 landing vessels, 16 Destroyers, 10 Frigates, 68 Patrol vessels, 32 Assault submarines, Amphibious attack ship, 4 Cruisers, 81 Corvettes, 42 Anti-mines and 16 Missile submarines with active 140,000 soldiers.

countries with best Navy Force

1: United States

Capable, largest and best Navy Force in the world is none others of United States Navy Force which is not only best in this list but also in top military forces of the world, it was formed in 1775 so this force has played an important role in Second World War as well as American Civil war because they defeat Japan in Second World War. As talk about the ships and weapons of this force which are 11 Aircraft carriers, 30 Frigates, 60 Destroyers, 2 Corvettes, 100 Patrol vessels, 53 Assault submarines, 10 Amphibious attack ships, 21 landing vessels, 22 Cruisers, 14 Anti-mines, 18 Missile submarines which is largest in all ways with the strength of soldiers which are 323,700 in total.

countries with best Navy Force


  1. For the first time in 200 years the French Navy is more powerful than the British but not for much (more number of frigates and destroyers combined). How can Japan´s Navy be more powerful than French and British without SSBN? In my opinion this is the order: US Navy, Russia, China, France, UK, India, Japan, South Korea, Italy.


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