Top 10 Highest Paid Celebrities In The World 2017


Celebrities are the famous and most liked personalities of the country or World which are popular for their talent and skills because they entertain people with different means, so in these highest paid celebrities, all people of different departments or fields are included which may be from music industry, sports or other fields of life so for this purpose Forbes Magazine released the list of celebrities which are highest paid in the world because these people not only get fame by their work but also got lot of money in their account.

These celebrities got money not only from their professional work but also from other sources so this list is according to international scope therefore this included all the suspects related to these celebrities therefore we are providing the top list of these celebrities.

So below is the list of top highest paid celebrities in the world 2016.

10: Rush Limbaugh

Rush Hudson Limbaugh III is now included in the top celebrities who are highest paid from their professional’s field; he was born on 12th January 1951 as he is radio talk show host, American Entertainer, conservative political commentator and also a famous writer. Interesting to know about this man is that he is working hard from his early age of only sixteen years old therefore in 1984 he started hosting talk shows on radio therefore according to resources that he has most fans as well as listeners in the world of his talk which are more than 13 million listeners so as talk about the his writing then his books including I Told You So is the best selling book in the world.

Highest Paid Celebrity

9: Adele

Adele Laurie Blue Adkins which is commonly known as Adele of his stage number, she was born on 5 May 1988 she is famous Songwriter, singer from Britain, so after graduating she started his professional career as singer after her friend requested her to posted a memo video. So she got a contract in this same year 2007, so her first album which is named as 19 was the most successful I her career therefore she is known as the highest paid celebrities in the world therefore she is two times platinum certified in America But seven times in her country United Kingdom so she also received Best Pop Female Vocal performance as well as Best New Artist Award.

Highest Paid Celebrity

8: Lionel Messi

There is need to introduce this man Lionel Messi which is famous footballer from Argentina, he was born on 24 June 1987 as he played as forward in his team Argentina as well as Spanish Football club Barcelona so he is also considered as famous, highest paid celebrity in the world because he is rated as the top or greater celebrity in the world so he is the only player which got 3 consecutive European Golden shoes awards so he has estimated income of 230 million dollars. He has announced retirement from his team after losing Euro Cup and also got punishment for not paying tax of his income but there is no doubt of his skills and talent in football.

Highest Paid Celebrity

7: Howard Stern

Howard Stern is another highest paid celebrity of the word as he was born on 12th January 1954, he is considered as multi talented because he is producer, actor, author, television personality and photographer but instead of these he is best known for his popular The Howard Stern Show therefore he is considered as highest paid celebrity. So due to his work he received number of awards due to all his skills in his professional career therefore in 2004 his total income was 500 million dollars as from 2012 to 2015 he also served as the Judge is reality show America’s Got Talent so in his radio show he has about 2o million listeners which is most in the world.

Highest Paid Celebrity

6: Dr. Phil McGraw

Dr. Phil McGraw is also famous television personality which is commonly known as Dr. Phil as he is popular author, psychologist and television personality, he was born on 1st September 1950, and he is also host of the famous show in television Dr. Phil which he started in 2002. He worked very hard to gain his status before the world that he stated his organized professional career in 1990 by appearing in The Oprah Winfrey Show therefore by according to reports that his earning in 2015 was about 70 million dollars therefore he is known as highest paid celebrity in the world.

Highest Paid Celebrity

5: Kevin Hart

One of the most popular celebrities which is none other than that of Kevin heart which was born on 6th July 1979as he is famous actor, comedian Producer from America, he was fond of acting from his early age because he won several awards as teen age actor at club level therefore he made his debut appearance in 2000 with popular drama series Undeclared. So after getting success he also appeared in many movies like Soul Plane, Paper Soldier, in the mix and many other therefore he also asked to get lot of money, he also included in the 100 most influential people of the world, so far he is now working on in Real Husbands of Hollywood as leading role.

Highest Paid Celebrity

4: Cristiano Ronaldo

There is no need to introduce this great footballer, popular personality as well as famous humanitarian which is none other than that of Cristiano Ronaldo, he was born on 5th February 1986 as he is now playing for his country team Portugal as forward but also serving as the captain of the team, this professional footballer also play for the Spanish Famous club Real Madrid. He also won the Footballer of the year award in 2008 with many other awards, he also cross the 500 club as well as National tea, goals, he is highest paid sports man in the world therefore considered to be richest and highest paid celebrity in the world with 230 million dollars net worth till now.

Highest Paid Celebrity

3: James Patterson

The great author of this era which is none other than that of James Patterson which was born on 22 March 1947 in America but instead of all he is commonly known best for his best psychologist novel of his life which is named as Alex Cross, so instead of this novel he also wrote many other novels like Maximum Ride, Daniel X, Women’s Murder Club and also Watch and Wizards. He is also popular for writing non fiction, thriller and romantic novels therefore his every book sold with more than 300 copies so he is only person in the world which has sold more than 1 million e books, he also received National Book Foundation Awards in 2015.

Highest Paid Celebrity

2: One Direction

The most popular Irish, England Pop band which is based in London which is composed by famous singers including Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, harry Styles, Niall Horan and also Louis Tomlinson but in all these singers, Zayn Mailk has left this band in February 2015 but instead of all these, this band is most famous as well as highest paid celebrity brand in the world. This band has four famous albums including Take me Home, Up All Right, Four and Midnight memories which all are top ranked in the world therefore as talk about the awards this group which are incredible these include Six Brit Awards, eleven MTV Europe Music Awards, seven American Music Awards, four MTV Video Music Awards.

Highest Paid Celebrity

1: Taylor Swift

Taylor swift is the most beautiful elegant, famous and highest paid celebrity of the world because he is popular American Song writer as well as Singer, she was born on 13 December 1989, she started her `career as professional singer in very young age of 14 years of age therefore she also signed with Big Machine Records and known as youngest song writer ever in the history. Her famous album Fearless which was released in 2008 considered to be most successful so due to his most success she is known as highest paid which leads her to be highest paid celebrity in the world, she has won four Grammy awards and be youngest singer to receiver this ever in the history.

Highest Paid Celebrity


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