Top 10 Hottest and Sexiest Females Anime Girls In The World 2017


Cartoons dramas are now increasing day by day and become most interesting and popular hobby of the people especially in children and young generation of this era therefore characters in the cartoons are also so much popular in now a day and most loved by those who love by those who watch these because these characters have so much charm in their powers, styles, features, charm.

but most important which is their sexiest and attractive look, this is due to which many female anime characters are now introduces which are attractive and sexy in look as these characters don’t have heart and feelings but developers of these characters made them very sexy look and appearance but on the other hand don’t rely and like too much because these attractive looking ladies are so much deadly for their enemies and they didn’t leave them until their death. So these Sexy Anime girls are so much beautiful which are able to be people their fan.

So here is the list of The 10 Sexiest Females anime girls in the world 2016.

10: Chizuru Minamoto – Kanokon

Chizuru Minamoto is a famous character which is also famous for its sexiest looks in anime girls which was the student of 2nd year in Kouta’s School as she is carefree lady as she is appeared in this cartoon series as a normal girl but originally she was 400 years old girl which was look so much innocent teenage girls but she was most loved and liked due to her sexiest looks with beauty. As apparently she was so cute and beautiful but when she changes her form she looks so horrible as her hairs turns brown from black and her ears looks like ears of fox and also gain tail as well but instead of all she was famous for her apparent cute look which was so sexy which can enough to seduce its views as she is not a real girl.


9: Yuzuriha Inori – The Guilty Crown

Yuzuriha Inori is also a beautiful as well as sexiest character which was used in cartoons series of The Guilty Crown as she looks so cute and gorgeous in her pink hairs and her eyes which were reddish that suit her due to color of her hairs. As this series is a science friction which named as The Guilty Crown which revolves around kind of virus whose name is apocalyptic virus which is used to destroy the world as she is main and beautiful character in this series which is mostly in school uniform and she has to fight for some reasons and in her fight she sacrifice herself for her love which is Shu and died in this series but she is most loved and liked due her cute but sexiest look.


8: Yoko Littner – Gurren Lagann

Yoko Littner is also a very beautiful, innocent and sexiest character which is in series Gurren Lagann as she is also a teenage girl character whose face is like baby face and her red hairs also look stunning which is extent to her back. She wears leather little shorts, boots, red flame designed bikini top and carries a big rifle Even though she is very young, her personality is quite mature and she is wise in her actions and decision making that is loved and liked by her viewers due to her cute looks but mostly by her hot and sexy character and looks so she also use rifle which is mostly use by sniper because of long so this series is mostly famous due to character of this anime girl.


7: Rangiku Matsumoto – Bleach

Rangiku Matsumoto is also beautiful and most sexiest anime girl which is appear in series Bleach so she was also famous for her charm personality in series as her hairs till shoulders looks also stunning so she is also considered as broad minded personality as her apparently look in this series is so much sexy and she is considered as sexiest anime girl. As she is lieutenant and she looked gorgeous in her short hairs and she also wore scarf which were tied with knot with her shoulder but she was famous due her blue flashing eyes and sexiest character which was most loved and liked by viewers of this series and she is included in list of most sexiest anime girls of this year.


6: Nami – One Piece

Nami is also famous character of series One Piece which is girl of average height with brown eyes and orange hairs that looks beautiful to watch as she has also tattoo on her left side of black color therefore she is considered most attractive and sexiest girl in this series as tattoo on her shoulder represents that she is member of some kind of organization so overall she looks so active as her style of wearing changes as day by day as her hair. On most of her shirts wrote some different which may considered of four letter like Evil, Gold and MODE so as normally she changes most clothes in this series of cartoon so she looks sexy that is main reason of her popularity in this series.


5: Saeko Busujima – The Highschool of the Dead

Saeko Busujima is also most famous anime character which is in series The High School of the Dead as she is student of Fujimi High School and she was also member of survival named as Takashi Komuro and also daughter of famous Master. She is so beautiful due to her purple color hairs with same color flashing eyes and cute face therefore she is considered as sexiest Anime girl. In her survival group she is considered as most reliable member and every member of her group counts her in a special character but instead of all she is a good a good fighter but she was also looking gorgeous in her apparent look as she was so sexy and with her dress as she was also tall girl than that of normal girls.


4: Tsumugi Kotobuki – K-On

Tsumugi Kotobuki is also famous and also sexiest anime girl character which was introduce in K-On series of cartoons as she was often known as Mugi which was a wealthy girl that has maintained a stunning and sweet personality as she is also master of piano and she has lot of experience in piano therefore she has also won a prize contest of this. But as she is so much wealthy so she is looked like ladies of very high personalities and wearing style of this girl was also stunning skirts in which she looks so sexy and cute with also her long an brown hairs, blue eyes that looks so hot and sexy as it was not in real but able to seduce a person which was looking this series.


3: Erza Scarlet – Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet appeared in a series Fairy Tail as she is so much famous due to her sexy look as she is so much young girl with almost dark red hairs and brown eyes. In this series it was seen that she lost her one eye in child therefore she has one artificial eyes but instead of this she was so sexy to look with natural beauty so her apparent looks was as she wears Blue skirt and long black boots with a beautiful sword with her any time but she has so strict personality which she was often criticize for her bad behavior with other and she has to apologize for many time but instead of these she has also sexiest look therefore she is considered as sexiest amine girl.


2: Rias Gremory – High School DxD

Rias Gremory is main character in series High School DxD and looks to be a very sexy character at all in this series as she belongs to family that are pure blooded devils and she was considered as princess of her family she was the student of 3rd year and also the president of Occult Research club and considered as beautiful girl not of only of her school but also of her academy therefore she is considered as sexiest anime girl which is most loved and liked by her viewers. As she was appear to be a very beautiful teenage girl, with white skin, ling reddish hairs, stunning figure and blue eyes and her beautiful and sexy dressing in which she looks so sexy therefore considered as sexiest anime girl.


1: Boa Hancock – One Piece

Boa Hancock is another character from this series One Piece which is list of most sexiest anime girl but she is at 1st rank in this list as she is snake princess who is so much beautiful and sexy by who is ruling on her tribe with her two young sisters and in this series she was considered as most beautiful women of the world in anime girls. She has no comparison with her sisters as she has stunning figure, long height as compare to other girls, long hairs, white pale skin and also large breasts and light brown eyes so due to her sexiest look in red dress she is also loved and liked by her viewers therefore she is considered as sexiest anime girls.



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