Published On: Thu, Jul 28th, 2016

Top 10 Hottest Jewish Women In The Hollywood 2016


There is no need to introduced the biggest Film industry in the world which is none other than that of the Hollywood Film Industry therefore there are large number of celebrities in this industry which are world famous.

Because they impress or made their success with great hard work so these celebrities belong to different religions and different regions of the world because interesting to know that Hollywood industry welcome all celebrities from the world due to their skills as well as hard world.

But main or important point of this film industry is Hot and sexy ladies which are able to seduce every man of the world in seconds but we have to talk about the hottest, talented, beautiful Jewish actresses of the Hollywood which are no doubt very famous in the world, they have elegant beautiful face and seductive figures.

So here is the name list of top 10 hottest Jewish women in the Hollywood 2016

10: Neri Oxman

Neri Oxman is the Hottest and most beautiful designer, professor as well as architecture of the Hollywood which has dual nationality of America and Israel, she was born in 1976, she teaches in the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab which is founded by her. Instead of this she is also head of this. She best and well knew for work of art that combines design, computing, biology, and materials engineering so her most of the projects are based on the 3D printing phases therefore there is also exhibition of her best products every year which are mainly at Museum of Science and Museum of Art in which she has also some permanent pieces which are exhibited in these places.


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9: Maggie Gyllenhaal

The hottest Jewish actress from Hollywood industry is none other than that of Maggie Gyllenhaal as she was born on 16 November 1977, she is older sister of the actor Jake Gyllenhaal as well as daughter of filmmakers Stephen Gyllenhaal and Noami Achs, and so far she is considered as hottest beauty of the Hollywood. She made her debut as actress in this industry Hollywood in teen age with alongside of her brother Horror movie made by her father in 2001 which is named as Donnie Darko so she is also considered as best wife in the Hollywood Industry because couple is living very happy life alongside of her two daughter so she is also nominated for many awards including Golden Globe award for Best Supporting Actress.


8: Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Connelly is also considered as hottest beauty of Hollywood Industry which belongs to Jewish religion, she was born on 12 December 1970 so she began her professional career as child model because she appeared in many newspapers, advertisements, magazines which made her popular in her earlier age.  She made her debut in film in only 14 years of age with movie Once Upon a time in America but she made her success before the world by her movie Dark City in 1998 so far considered as hottest Jewish Actress which was married in 2003 and she has such a successful professional career in Hollywood industry because she is also included in the Beautiful women of the world.


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7: Elizabeth Banks

One of the most beautiful, talented and hottest Jewish women in Hollywood is Elizabeth Banks who was born on 10 February 1974 as she is considered as multi talented because she is Producer, director as well as actress, she made her debut as professional actress in 1998 with film Surrender Dorothy. But she gained lot of success by her next hit movie Wet Hot American Summer and after this success she appeared in many super hit movies and considered to be best actress because it is been asked that she has to worked very hard for her success in industry instead of this she is also a successful wife because she was married in 2003 and she has 3 sons from this marriage.


6: Mila Kunis

The most beautiful and hottest Hollywood beauty Mila Kunis, who was born on 14 August 1983, is also a famous American actress who came to this country at age of 17 years from Ukraine, before her debut in films she appeared in many advertisements as well as television series. She made her name in the industry by her beautiful movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall and after this she appeared in lot of Hollywood hit movies in which she appeared as beautiful hottest Jewish women so by her incredible acting she is nominated for many awards including Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting actress so she married to Ashton Kutcher in 2015 by which she has a daughter which was born before their marriage in 2014.



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5: Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder is also hottest Jewish women of the Hollywood Industry who was born on 29 October 1971, she is one of the most famous lady because she is considered as most profitable actress of the 90’s, she made her debut of professional career in 1986 with film Lucas in age of just 16 years therefore after that she appeared in many other movies because by her acting she is nominated for Academy Award for Best supporting actress. Instead of this by her hit movies Little Women she was nominated for Academy Award of Best actress in leading role, she quit acting for four years from 2002 to 2006 and after her re-appearance in 2006 she made a beautiful super hit movie named as Star Trek.


4: Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel Wood is beautiful, young, hottest Jewish women in Hollywood who was born on 7th September 1987 as she started her career as actress in early age of 7 years in 1994 in television series American Gothic as well as Once and Again with which she gained lot of appreciation therefore she also made her appearance as leading actress in 1998 by film Digging to China and more important in Drama film Thirteen in 2003 so after her success she appeared in lot of best films which also made Hollywood box office high so she is also nominated for Golden Globe Award for Best supporting actress and many more, she married to Jamie Bell but Separated in 2014 but she has one son from this marriage.


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3: Dianna Agron

Another hottest and most beautiful woman of the Hollywood Industry which is none other than Dianna Agron which is famous actress, music video director, Singer and dance, she was on 30 April 1986, before starting her career in film industry she made her debut as television actress with television series CSI: NY with which she gained a lot of appreciation. So she continued to work on television because she was cast in Glee which is a Super Hit comedy drama, instead of this she also appeared in movies which are –Bare, Zipper, The Hunter, I AM Number Four and The Family, after acting she also appeared to be good singer as well as director of the Music videos.


2: Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman is another hottest beauty which was born on 9 June 1981 as she is famous film producer, actress and also film director which has dual national of America and Israel, she made her debut as actress in film industry with thriller fiction movie Leon in 1994 from which she made good will in the industry. Her mother is American but father was from Israel so far considered as hottest beautiful Jewish women of the Hollywood industry, she also considered as multi talented because she is also film director also therefore also considered as richest too, she married to Benjamin Millepied in 2012 from which she has one child.


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1: Scarlett Johansson

This lady needs no introduction before the world because she is most famous star of Hollywood, Scarlett Johansson was born on 22 November 1984, she is singer, model as well as actress , she made her debut with film North in 1994, after that success was in her way because she is also highest paid actress of Hollywood industry, instead of this she is also nominated for many awards and also received many of it, she is symbol of modern fashion or sex in this era therefore also included in the list of sexiest women of the world so her new movie which is Captain America: Civil War which is highest grossing movie in the history of Hollywood.