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Top 10 List of Best Rum Brands in India with Price 2017

Rum is known as one of the favorite alcoholic material or drink in many countries of the world due to its great and lovely taste, as according to laws rum is considered to be illegal in some of the countries but some big countries like India.
Rum has no adopt law state therefore there are many brands working in this country because people of all type societies love this drink. In this topic we have nothing mean to show people about drinking but topic is for the people to increase their knowledge not to promote drinking.
But it is lovely or favorite drink of party lovers because it has very charming and sweet taste which asked people for drinking this, as this is available in many varieties such as White Rum and dark Rum therefore there are many lovers of rum in India because India has 2nd most population of the world.
So here is the list of top 10 best rum brands in India 2016.

10: Hercules

Hercules is one of the best brands of Rum in country India because it has maintained its quality therefore it has great taste as well as lovely aroma which seduce people to use this brand, as interesting to know that it is most liked or used by military section or defense department Officers of their country, so it has distinct and beautiful taste. As this is brand therefore it is available in many varieties which are named as Hercules Deluxe Rum, Hercules White Rum, Hercules Dark Rum and most notable Hercules Danger Rum, then talk about the price of this rum which is also reasonable because this is available in small bottle of 180 ml in price of just 116 RS.

9: Jolly Rogers

Another best brand of rum in India is none other than that of Jolly Rogers as this is also famous due to its great lovely taste and beautiful aroma, as these are manufactured by famous company Allied Blenders and Distillers so these is made by special type of molasses. On the other hand this is also considered as matured rum, so this is most famous due to its unique taste which is also available in different kinds as well as varieties, this rum is consist of about 42 % of Alcoholic material but instead of this also available in reasonable or affordable prices which is never greater than that of 270 RS which is price of big bottle of 750 ml.

8: Old Port

Another best brand in India of Rum is known as Old Port which is produced or manufactured by Amrut Distillers of India therefore due to its best quality of this rum this is considered as best brand of the country, this is also available in many varieties but four are its best which are included Old port matured rum, Amrut XXX ranging from Dark brown hues to a reddish brown hues, Amrut XXX classic rum at the end old port deluxe rum but in all of these taste of vanilla with butterscotch or molasses is considered to be most loving and tasty, it is consist of almost 40 % of Alcohol in it but instead of this it has affordable price with 750 ml bottle of just 260 RS.

7: Contessa

Contessa is known as special and leading brand of Rum in India which is manufactured by Radico Khaitan, as this rum has also major sale or share in military section or defense sector of the country therefore this is highest consumer rum brand in India so due to its best quality and lovely flavor this rum has received two medals in which one is of silver and other is of bronze at international level because this is so far only rum in India which is produced from cane juice which is consist of 43 % of Alcohol with the taste of raisins. This is also available in many sizes of bottles-with affordable prices because of 750 ml available in just 260 RS.

6: Captain Morgan

Special Rum in India which is now the particular brand is known as Captain Morgan which is based on molasses but marketed in India as Diageo, this is not only best of India but also of the world because of its great taste and number of varieties in which this is available therefore there are large number of various flavors of this rum are much famous at international market but in India only Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rumand Captain Morgan Black Jamaica sold out but instead of only a single flavor this is succeeded to maintain its position in brands in this country, it is consist of almost 43 % of alcohol in this brand which is available in different volumes of 750 ml in just 260 RS.

5: Havana Club

Havana Club is also best rum brand of India which is made of manufactured by Cuban government and Pernod Ricard but this is bottled in province of Punjab in India, therefore this is available in many varieties which are included Havana Club Añejo 3 Años, Havana Club Añejo Blanco, Havana Club Añejo Reserva, Havana Club Añejo 7 Años and at the end Havana Club Añejo Especial therefore it has more varieties than that of others in this list. Best taste among of all is of Chocolate and Vanilla, as this is composed of about 40 % of Alcohol with very reasonable prices of 750 ml in 800 RS and small bottle of 180 ml in 200 Rs.

4: Old Monk

The most famous and celebrated rum in India is so far called as Old Monk due to its best taste and lovely aroma with great flavor, as interesting to know that this is considered to be best brand because working from many of the years without advertisements which is always based on its quality. This is manufactured by famous company Mohan Meakin, this rum has vanilla flavor with dark brown in color therefore it has also variety of 12 aged as well as 7 years aged, it has almost six varieties with lovely taste which are included as old Monk supreme rum, old Monk Deluxe Rum, old monk gold reserve rum, old monk xxx rum and many other with so much less price of 1 litre in just 264 RS.

3: Bacardi

Bacardi is known as best rum brand in India as this is not only best brand but also leading in Indian market so according to reports that the story of its success is not far away but so much hard work is involved so this is one of oldest brand in the world also because it was started in 1862. As talk about its flavors and varieties then it has three flavors which are Bacardi Gold Rum, Bacardi Dark Rum and also Bacardi Supreme or White Rum in which all of these have better but unique flavor , so this has composed of lemon, apple, orange and many other fruits which are based of White Rum so this is available than great price as of all discussed earlier of 1300 Rs of 1 liter bottle.

2: Malibu

Malibu is also an international brand because this is not only considered as best in India but also in Caribbean region which is only due to its unique taste so this premier rum is made by Pernod Ricards, this is most favorite of many people because some king of sweet flavor adds beauty in this rum so most liked by the people. This rum has great number of flavors including Malibu Sunshine, Malibu Sundae, Malibu Island Spice, Malibu pineapple, Malibu Melon and many other but in all of these flavors best known as Malibu Dark rum, Malibu red and Malibu original are most famous in India, it has only 21 % of Alcohol with price of 1675 of 750 ml bottle.

1: McDowell’s

Last but not the least the number 1 rum brand in India is nothing others of McDowell’s because this is known as celebrity rum, so this produced by UB groups of india which is also winner of silver medal, bronze medal an also received many other awards not only national but at international level. Best of this is Celebration dark reddish in colour, this brand has also white rum and special dark rum of caribbean region which are composed of Vanilla and caramal taste so far composed of 42 % of Alcohol but interesting to know that as this number 1 brand but its prices are very low than that of all which are about 375 Rs of one litre bottle.

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