Published On: Wed, Mar 30th, 2016

Top 10 List of Largest and Biggest Airports in the World 2016


Transport in now became most important of people’s life because without it life will be slow and people can’t work properly so all fields in the world depends upon transport few decades of years back transport was so much slow therefore there was no dependable progress in the world.

but after increasing resources of transport in the world it become more able to progress and transport touches the height of Sky but main and great invention in the field of transport is air plane which made transport more and more faster so after discover of air plane it made revolution in field of transport in the world.

So Air planes companies are now increasing day by and they also increasing their planes is well so they are accommodating maximum number of passengers daily as it is very comfortable so this purpose airports are also necessary and there are large number of Airports in the world which are small and big.

So here is the list of top 10 largest Airports in the world 2016.

10: Beijing Capital International Airport

Beijing capital Airport international is one of the largest airports in the world in term of area which is situated and locates in the northeast f Beijing capital city and also surrounded by District Suburban Shunyi in China. As this airport, operated and owned by the control company of State whose name is Beijing Capital international airport limited and so it is also considered as one of the busiest airport in the world as large number of passengers came here daily. It is also in the list of most beautiful and luxurious airports in the world due to its infrastructure, construction style and most glamorous department therefore from this airport about 86,130,400 passengers have been passed by this in more than 581,773 registered flights so area of this fantastic airport is about 2330.


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9: Cairo International Airport

Cairo International airport is also one of the biggest airports in the world with respect to area of this place because it has total area about 2550 ha and considered as combination and house of many airlines such as AlMasria Universal Airlines, Alexandria Airlines, AMC Airlines and Egypt Air Express and may be some others. It is situates in the north west of the city Cairo and also considered as not only busiest airport of Egypt but also in the world with 14,711,5oo passengers and it has three main terminals for the movement of flights and cargo flights so it has also 4 halls in which one of them is used for executive and private jet which are functioned independently from commercial passengers used so due to these qualities it is in largest Airports in the world.


8: Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’Hare International is also largest airport in the world in term of area which is situated in the north west of city Chicago of American States. So due to its large area it is considered as third busiest air port in all Airports of American States and it has now sixth position in the world with most passenger in this airport so it is combination and house of many airlines which include American Airlines, United Airlines and also for Air Choice one therefore it is second largest hub of America. It is operated and controlled by Chicago department of Aviation so total area of this Airport is about 2610 ha with 70,075,205 passengers with 881,993 movements of air planes from this airport.


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7: Bangkok International Airport

Bangkok International airport is also one of the biggest airports in the world with respect to its area as it is also known as Suvarnabhumi Airport which is operated by Airlines of Thailand PLC that is also called house of domestic and international flights. According to reports there was 289,568 movements of flights from this airport with 8279,790 passengers of domestic flights and 38,143,562 passengers of international flights therefore this airport is in the largest airports in the world with total area of 2980 ha and house of many air lines which include Bangkok Airways, Asia Atlantic airlines Orient Thai Airlines and also Thai international Airways with other. It is also famous for its amazing infrastructure and Construction style beautiful departure terminals and halls.


6: Madrid Barajas

Madrid Barajas international Airport is also one of the largest airports in the world and also considered as biggest and busiest airport of the country Spain as it is in largest airport so it has total area of 3050 ha. So it is located in the north west of Puerta Del Sol in the centre of the city Madrid so it has movement of 342,601 flights in a year with 41,883,347 passengers in a year, so most important aspect about this airport is that it has greater cargo service of the world which is increased 6 % last year so it has large cargo movement in the world. It is house of many airlines in which some are Iberia Airlines and Air Europe as these airlines have greater flights on this airport and it is considered as second busiest airport of Europe therefore also biggest airport in the world.



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5: Charles De Gaulle Airport

Charles De Gaulle international Airport is also largest airport in the world with respect to its area as it is situated in the north west of beautiful city Paris therefore it is also famous for its round shape, infrastructure and also in the beautiful airports of the world. It is house of many airlines companies Such as Air France, Delta Express Airlines and also for FedEx Airlines as it is also called as busiest airport in Europe because it has movement of 497,763 flights per years which holds 62,052,920 passengers in a year so it is also biggest airport that has area of almost 3200 ha and called as largest airport of country France. It has three separated terminals which are for, local, cost and foreigners and 2 terminals of the airport are divided in two halls.


4: Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Pudong International Airport is also biggest airport in term of its area so it has given so much importance due to its many flights of international therefore it is considered as house and hub for many airlines companies such as China Cargo Airlines, FedEx Airlines, Shanghai Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, DHL Aviation and Yangtze River Express as in these airlines most of airlines are Asians So it is third busiest airport also busiest in the world. As it’s in the largest airports of the world so it covers almost area of 3350 ha and from this airport almost 51,661,800 people travel to other places of the world so it is controlled and operated by Pudong International Airport Authority, it has three terminals in which two are open.


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3: Dallas worth International Airport

Dallas Worth International Airport is also one of the biggest airport in the world with respect to its area as it is situated between two locations Dallas and Fort and called it is centre because many of cities of America approach this airport. It is not only second largest airport of United States of America but also in the largest Airports of the World So it has area about 7800 ha and considered as hub and house of many airlines such as UPS Airlines, American Airlines and Ameriflight Airlines. This airport consist and divide into five terminals named as A, B, C, D and E which are reserved for flight operations with most number of gates 165 therefore it is also constructed in manner to reduce the distance of passengers from car and buses.


2: Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is also one of the largest airports in term of its area as it is considered as best airport of the North America and also considered as best airport by American Magazines. As it is largest airport so it covers area of 13726 ha which is second in the world. So it is considered as house and Hub for many international airlines such as Frontier Airlines, Great lakes Airlines and also United Airlines which are also larger airlines in the world. It is been operated and controlled by Denver Aviation Authority of this city and country also, as it has movement of 635,445 international flights per years which operate almost 31,004,580 passengers per year which is no doubt so high as data of this is verified in 2012 so due to large area it is also largest airport in the world.


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1: King Fahd International Airport

King Fahd International is largest and biggest airport in the world with respect of its Area as it is situated in the north west of Dammam city of Saudi Arabia so it is absolutely great to hear about the area of this airport which is almost 78000 ha so much big. It is controlled and operated by civil aviation authority of the Airport as this airport id opened for public 15 years ago and considered as major house and hub for many airlines of the world. This airport has six-storey terminal which is divided in different way such as three of its terminals are for passengers that is for third level arrival, fourth is reserved for boarding authorities and last is called Royal Terminal that is reserved for the members of Royal family or royal guests.