Top 10 List of Most Expensive States of America to Live In 2018


Last Updated: May 28, 2018

As it is in our knowledge that America is mixture and combination of many States therefore it is called as United States of America , So there are more than 50 States in America in which every State is famous for its own specialty in which some States are popular for their beauty.

some are famous for its high economy and income per capita, but some are also called most dangerous States there it is the combination of all types of people therefore they have different living style which is changed throughout all States but living style also matters in some of states of America because it is powerful country in the world with respect to all matters of life including GDP, Income per capita, Agriculture, Economy or foods or any field of life therefore some states of this country also famous because living style of people is at standard so these states are most expensive in this country.

So here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive States to Live in America 2018.

10: Vermont

Vermont is the also famous state of America with respect to that it is also in most expensive states of America as it is also called as New England State which is situated in the North East of United States therefore it s also well known for its smallest area and less population in all States of America. It is also called as best place for all the investors and business men because it is most expensive state in America so it has also very less percentage of Employment so income per capita is also best. It is also covered with all types of greenery so it is also important for Agriculture and manufacturing so this state also provide standard education and health facilities therefore considered as most expensive state in America also most expensive in term of things used in daily life.

States of America

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9: Rhode Island

Rhode Island also famous State of United States of America so it is also considered in most expensive State in this country so it is also another famous state of New England which is in most densely populated regions and some of its regions are have least population is well. So it is well famous for its main industry of different types which include Tourism Industry, health industry, Agriculture production and also manufacturing industry so due to all these industries it is also called a house of employs so it has highest rate of employment as cost of living rank of this state is 42 so it is smallest state with most expensive things in this state so it is called as most expensive state in United States of America because it provide standard life with many best qualities of business opportunities.

States of America

8: Massachusetts

Massachusetts is also famous place to live as it is also popular place of New England which is also located in the north east of united Sates so it is well known because it is highly populated region in America while it also most populated region in all six states of New England therefore it also has highest GDP with most income per capita in all these six states. Main types of business in this state are Agriculture, manufacturing industry and also fishing so therefore its best manufacturing industry it revolutionized in this region so it is called as leader of most economy in term, of many classes in world such as energy, defense, Science, finance industry, trade and information technology so it also provide best living with standard facilities therefore considered as most expensive state in America.

States of America

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7: Oregon

Oregon is also most expensive State America as it is situated in pacific North West of America as Oregon has a coastline with biggest ocean in the world Pacific Ocean. It is most famous State in term of many things and industries of different types that it is mainly depends on these industries which are Agriculture, fisheries and most strong industry is tourism industry therefore GDP and per cost income of this state is also best in term of less percentage of unemployment in this region so due to many beautiful sites and places in this state so it is also promoting strong ratio of tourism and becoming most expensive sate in America. It is also progressing in advance technology which also provide best opportunities of employment so due to all these factors it is also in most expensive states of America.

States of America

6: New Jersey

New Jersey is also most famous state not only in America but also in the World which is located and situated in North East and Middle region of Atlantic as it is also known as fourth smallest state in America of all fifty States of United States. It is also known as densely populated state with small area of this region as this country has been deceived in many wars during the revolution of America in pas but instead o all these problem this state has recovered very soon and make rapid growth in all fields of life so it is also 2nd wealthiest state in America which has median household or capita income per house and it is now most developed state because it has provide standard living facilities to people therefore it is in the most expensive states of America.

States of America

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5: California

California is not only popular in United States of America but is also well famous worldwide because it is most famous for oranges in the world with most production of this fruit. It is also biggest state of America with densely populated Area as it has about 38 million populations which have covered the area of 163,696 Sq. miles as it is bordered with many states such as Oregon, Arizona. Nevada and also with Mexican City so this is most important to live in this state because it is most realistic city to live in as it has most facilities of Government Employments, Faineance, real Estate and science and technical fields therefore it has also GDP great with large economy in America. It is also most dependent on trade with different countries and States so due to all these reasons it is also considered as most expensive state in America.

States of America

4: Alaska

Alaska is also famous State of United State which is also in most dangerous States of this country but instead of all these issues it is also most Expensive State in America. So it is also largest State of America with respect to its area which is mainly depends on production and manufacturing industries but mainly on resources of oil and natural gas but it has also name in fishing and tourism due its breathtaking places and sites. It is also smallest State of America which is on 49th position in all fifty States of America because it was purchase from Roman Empire in 1867. So it is also most expensive state to live because prices of things of daily life used are also high so it has also highest income per capita so due to all these facilities it is also expensive State of America.

States of America

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3: New York

New York is not only famous in America but also in worldwide due to beauty and facilities provided to people in this state as it is situated to North East and Middle of Atlantic region and it well famous because it is most visited by all over the world in sack of business also. So it is also cost expensive State in not only Americas but also in the world because of cost of living in this State is also high because this state provide so much freedom and democracy to all citizens and became a symbol of pride for America. As it is most visited place so it is also most populated State of America and it is considered as center of international diplomacy therefore it is most strong country with respect to economy in the world and also most expensive State of America.

States of America

2: Hawaii

Hawaii as New York is also not only famous in United States of America but also in the World but it is also smallest State with respect to its area in America but 2nd in most expensive States. So according to reports it has highest GDP and Income per Capita and also human Development Region all around the World therefore it has number of leading industries in this State but most important is finance and Insurance industry which is most connected with Manufacturing industry so it is also famous as it has most number of employee and it has also biggest market in the world by area. So this state provides standard living to all its citizens therefore considered as most expensive state in America.

States of America

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1: Washington DC

Washington DC is the most Expensive State in America as it is on 1st rank in this list because it is also capital of America so people of this state are mostly Employed with federal Government but it has created less jobs in last year 6000 instead of 35000 annually therefore employment in this State increased which is goes to 7 % so it is also famous in the world because it has least area of Urban but most developed State in not only America but also in the World so it is combination of mostly upper class people but also less number of middle class people but prices of things in this region are so much high so this state provide better facilities to citizens therefore Most expensive State of America in all States.

States of America


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