Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World 2017


This world is so much vast because this is considered of about two hundred countries therefore there are large numbers of cities in this worlds and every city has its own importance and specialty, some countries are famous for being rich, some are famous for being safest, some are enormous and most expensive cities, some are famous for their gorgeous beauty and some are cheap cities.

So in all these cities of the world, some cities are as much beautiful that every man in the world wants to visit because most of the people did not know about which city of the world is luxurious to visit so if you don’t know about which city is beautiful then read this article before visit to any stunning city of any country of the world.

So here is the list of top 10 most beautiful cities of the world 2016.

10: Bruges

One of the most beautiful cities of the world which is none other than that of Bruges, It is a little city which is exist in a small country that is hardly a conurbation but enormous on beauty of this city, It is also one of the world most excellent potted medieval cities which is filled with gothic and elaborate monuments surrounded by astonishingly idealistic cobblestone lanes and an elliptical canal. Therefore there is no speculating that it is one of the most visited cities in Europe, interesting to know that it is in the very center of the continent, therefore this is an unmissable intention when in Brussels, and all about easily reached from anywhere in central Europe. Its combination of attractive structural design and attractive, peaceful spots crisscrossed by canal therefore most visited city.


9: Budapest

Budapest is also one of the most beautiful cities of the world as this city is the largest and capital of the beautiful country Hungry so far known as one of the biggest cities of the European Union member states so this city has population more than that of 2 million. Budapest is widespread World Heritage Site which includes the banks of the Danube, Andrassy Avenue, , the Buda Castle Quarter, Square and the Millennium Underground Railway which made this city more famous before the world and also increase the beauty of this area so this city is admired for the excellent royal architecture therefore about 4.4 million people visit this city every year so great place of tourists of the world.


8: Rome

Rome has great historical importance in the world because it is one the oldest city in the world, as this is capital of the beautiful country Italy with about 2.9 million population so this city is also famous for its beauty before the world so far this largest as well as most populated city of the country and also fourth largest city in all member states of European Union. So city is also famous for its extreme classic architecture because it is desire of any person in the world to visit this stunning city, it is full of faded palazzi, charming lanes, and lovely homes which are decorated with flower boxes therefore this is 3rd most visited city in Europe.


7: Florence

Another beauty palace which is in beautiful country Italy is none other than that of Florence as this city is known as richest city in order to finance and administration commercial center of the Europe despite of these, city is also famous for its magnificent architecture, city has not population which is about 0.38 million. So this is known as one of the wealthiest city in the world so according to history of this city, attract about 13 million tourists every year which is so much huge to hear therefore this city has great importance in respect to tourism, this city has large number of art galleries as well as museum which shows the beautiful history of this majestic city, so this is also important city in respect of fashion of the world.


6: Amsterdam

Amsterdam is also one of the beautiful city of the world which is also famous for its artistic heritage, so this is largest as well as capital city of the Kingdom of Netherland with 0.84 million population so city is full of beautiful offices, restaurants, cafes and apartments so all together for a majestic beautiful city in the world therefore known as most charming city so a striking place of bridges, bikes crossing canals, conspicuously graceful architecture and pleasing cobblestone streets. So far this is also known as financial center of not only Netherland but also of the Europe because it is also cultural capital of the country despite of these also considered as oldest stock exchange in the world.


5: Rio De Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro is also one of the most important and beautiful city of Brazil as this city is settled with the special kind of setting by the nature because this is most naturally beautiful city of the world, so far the 2nd most populated city of the country and considered as 6th most populated in Americas because Brazil is one of the biggest country in the world with respect to population. As looked back upon the history of this city then it is about six hundred years oldest city of the world, as Rio is also one of the richest city of the country Despite of these city is also rich in beauty like mountains, hotels, architecture, oceans, beaches and many more which proved that there is no doubt that this is marvelous city of the world.


4: Lisbon

Lisbon is magnificent city that is settled with the beautiful setting of the hills which are the main reason of the beauty of this city therefore known as one of the most scenic city of the world due to marvelous sites; it is largest and capital city of the stunning country Portugal with population just about 0.52 millions. Lisbon is recognized as a global city because of its significance in commerce, finance, media, amusement, international trade, arts, education and tourism so according to the history of the city that it is one of the oldest city of the world so this area has seductive appearances with able tourists to visit this marvelous city so climate of this place is also enjoyable therefore great sites to visit this city.


3: Prague

There is no doubt in that Czech Republic is one of the cleanest country of the world so Prague is the part of it, as this city is largest as well as Capital city of the country therefore city is known as 14th largest area in all member states of the European Union, as according to estimated that this city has lowest unemployment rate throughout the European Union therefore it is also one of the richest as well as beautiful city. So there are many beautiful places, greenery, bridges, mountains and heart breaking sites which exist in this city and making this marvelous city most beautiful in the world so cultural attraction or cultural activities of this area are most famous throughout the world so this city has large number of galleries, theatres, cinemas, and other historical exhibits.


2: Paris

There is no need to introduced this stunning beautiful city of the world which is famous in the world for its beauty and cultural activities so far this is largest as well as Capital city of one of the cleanest country of the world, France so according to the history of this stunning city this city was found in 3rd century BC. Now this is known as house of art galleries and museum, despite of these this is also home of modern fashion of the world, so about 23 million people visit this city in a year therefore there are charming scenery, beautiful sights, clean streets therefore known as sophisticated and safest city, also known as romantic city or the city of lovers.


1: Venice

Venice is a beautiful city in northeastern Italy which is also known as the capital of the Veneto region, it is located on a group of 117 small islands that are estranged by canals and linked by bridges therefore this city is famous due to its naturally and also leading in this list therefore this is most beautiful city of the world and only visitors can describe the uniqueness of this area because each building of this area has its own art which enhanced the naturally beauty of this area. So far this city has no comparison with all other cities of the world, considered as one of the oldest city of the world because it was found in 10th century BC and shows the wealthy history of the country.



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