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Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Politicians of Pakistan 2017

So the most beautiful Pakistani woman politicians are not only known in Pakistan but they are also predictable all over the world for their aptitude and attractiveness so in these Pakistani female politicians, they have also taken position in the top most beautiful politicians of the world because of their attractive looks.

There are many politicians all over the world which are just like celebrities, they are famed for political associations and interactions, their lives are continuously monitored just like the lives of celebrities by the public, media and paparazzi, In these all politicians many are men when we think regarding it like persons that we observe on television, astonishingly.
There are many women politicians as well which are taking part in the politics of the country and they serving countries just as superior as men do. So there is no doubt that Pakistani women are considered most beautiful in the world and our female politicians are no exemption.

10: Shazia Marri

Shazia Marri is one of the most beautiful female politicians of Pakistan as she was born on 8 October 1972, she is from Sindh province, she is also the member of Pakistan National assembly, she remained on many big positions like provincial information minister. She was elected as the member of provincial assembly in 2002 from the first time and again in 208 for the second consecutive time on the seat which is reserved for the women by representing one of the leading party of the country Pakistan People’s Party so her background is totally political because her father was also the member of Pakistan National Assembly and her mother was also member of Sindh provincial assembly.

9: Sumaira Malik

Sumaira Malik is also one of the most active, famous as well as most beautiful female politician of the Pakistan as she is from Khushab District, Punjab Pakistan, she remained member of National assembly of Pakistan for last three times as she was first elected from the Khushab district on NA-69 in 2002, in 2008 she was again elected on the same seat by representing PML-Q and in general elections 2013 she was elected on this seat by representing government party PML-N but in October 2013 she was disqualified from her seat on from Supreme Court of Pakistan due to her fake degree. She is the daughter of famous politician Malik Alla yar Khan, sister of Ayla Malik and her son Malik Uzair Khan is now the MNA from the same seat.

8: Sassui Palijo

Another beautiful face in the politics of Pakistan which is Sassui Palijo, is a columnist and a poliotician from Thatta, a city in Sindh, Pakistan, Sassui Palijo is joined to Pakistan People’s Party and now she is currently a Senator on women’s reserved seat from Sindh province, She was first selected as Member of the Provincial Assembly of Sindh from Mirpur Sakro Thatta PS-85 THATTA-II in 2002 and again in elections in 2008, She was also remained Minister for Culture in Sindh cabinet which was led by Syed Qaim Ali Shah the Chief minister of Sindh from 2008 to 2013. She was the only unswerving selected female assembly member in Sindh out of 168 assembly members of the assembly so she is also double graduate.

7: Hina Parvez Butt

Newly entered in politics, one of the most beautiful faces of the Punjab Provincial assembly as she is also attractive women in the assembly, she is elected as the member of the assembly by representing the Government party PML-N, in addition to member of Punjab assembly she is also one of the famous fashion designers in the country so she got diploma in fashion designing from Lahore University of Management and Sciences. She is typically pressed the boundaries and will remain a source of encouragement to all young designers who want to make a career on their own within the style business by working hard for their future despite of this she is also one of the richest women of the assembly.

6: Marvi Memon

One of the most socialist, active as well as inspiring women from Sindh, in which she is also serving as the main figure of the chief and Governmental party of the county, Pakistan Muslim League which is currently lead by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Marvi Memon is also considered as most beautiful women politician in the history of Pakistan as she was born on 21 July 1972. She also served as Member of Parliament for the first time from March 2008 to June 2011 by representing PMLQ MNA; she was a remained member of the parliamentary committees on Information Technology, Environment, Kashmir, Gilgit Baltistan, despite of it, Her innovatory legislation on acid crime and scenery up Pakistan’s first research institute for parliamentarians led her to be part of Pakistan’s first Oscar award winning documentary in the world.

5: Naz Baloch

Another beautiful face from the province Sindh therefore she is considered as one of the most beautiful women politicians of the country as she is also one of the youngest politicians, she is currently associated with the one of the most stirring party of the county Pakistan Tehreek Insaf (PTI) which is led by Iman Khan so she is now central Vice president of the party and considered as most active women in the party. She ran for the seat of National Assembly from NA-240 not succeeded to win on the seat but obtained 20 thousand votes, more interesting is that his father is one of the leading as well as active member of Pakistan people’s party but she was eager to join PTI.

4: Kashmala Tariq

One of the evergreen beauties of Pakistan politics, Kashmala Tariq which was born on 24 January 1972 in Lahore, she is the elected as the member of National assembly of Pakistan for woman reserved seat for the constituency NA-277 and NA-302 from the Punjab province, she is currently the member of Pakistan Muslim League Q. She married to Pakistani man is Canada Tariq Rasheed from which she has a son who is studying in Lahore, interesting to know that she is one of the founding member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf but now she is not the member of this party so she is also only women of the Pakistan which won the political elections outside the country, she is also elected twice as the member of Parliament.

3: Hina Rabbani Khar

Hina Rabbani Khar is also most beautiful female politician of Pakistan as she was born on 19th November 1977, she also served as the foreign minister of Pakistan and considered as most beautiful minister from any country of the world so she was first woman as well as the youngest one to hold this position. She received degree in Business from LUMS, she was first elected as the member of National Assembly in 2002 and then she joined Pakistan people’s party so she again elected as the member of National assembly on this same seat in 2008 therefore she also became the Finance Minister of Pakistan in 2009 and be first women in the history of Pakistan to present the budget of the country.

2: Ayla Malik

One of the most beautiful politicians as well as the famous politician of Pakistan, Ayla Malik which was born on 6th October 1970 as she is the elder sister of Sumaira Malik, she served as the member of National Assembly for 5 years from 2002 to 2007, now she is the member of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, she also belongs to a political family because her sister is also three times member of National assembly and she is also niece of former president of Pakistan Farooq Khan Leghari so she started her career in politics in 1998 by joining the party of her uncle so she joined PTI in 2011 and from that day she is considered as the central member of the party.

1: Maryam Nawaz

Maryam Nawaz is the most beautiful woman politician in Pakistan as she was born on 28 October 1973, she is most active member of the party so she is daughter of Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif as well as niece of Chief Minister of Punjab Shahbaz Sharif. She is well educated lady because she holds the degree of doctorate in political Science, her cousin Hamza Shahbaz is also member of National Assemblym she married to Muhammad Safdar from which she has three children. She joined politics on the insist of her father in 2011 and now she is an active member of party despite of this she is famous for her diligent beauty as her name also came in Panama papers.

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