Published On: Mon, Mar 21st, 2016

Top 10 List of Most Corrupt Countries in the World In 2016


Now a day’s corruption in the world is increase because of personal benefit but there is the question here is that what is corruption mean? After so much search it is been concluded that corruption is one type of dishonesty to positive authority or person for the sack of personal interest and benefit. So there is many types and scales of corruption like political corruption or Governmental corruption, Systematic corruption, Grand corruption and pretty corruption etc.

According to the reports it is been cleared that more than one third countries in the world have serious and major problem with corruption that is mostly in the public sectors.

So According to reports it is also clear that some of the countries have improved their ranking by declining corruption in their countries but some are failed in this respect but no country in this world that is completely free from corruption.

So here is the list of top 10 corrupt countries of the world.

10: Venezuela

Venezuela is also in the list of most corrupt countries of the world because of corruption rate is very high in this country in sight of world standards and this is been continue on small to big levels in this country. Most famous incident of corruption in this is Oil discovery in which there is lot of evidences of political corruption but it is so much difficult to measure corruption in this country so according to transparency Venezuela is in the most corrupt countries and last year it was asked by the researchers of world that more than 75 % corruption is spread in this country. But most involvement proved was against Government therefore opposition of this country have protested many times against Government.


9: Guinea Bissau

Guinea Bissau is an important country in this world but in case of peace and uncorrupt countries it is very unstable country with respect to political and Governmental stability therefore due to these reasons no president of this country have completed its time in president office in this country. So in 2012 military also break assemblies in this country and election took place in 2014 after two years as corruption and lack of rules and laws are major problems in this country and major problem is that anti corruption department is also missing in this country which is also big loss for this country and great benefit for corrupt people so this country needs some kind of clear reforms to be its name in nameable countries of the world in this respect.


8: Haiti

Haiti is also in most corrupt countries of the world and it is continuously included in this list for last many years but it has improved its position from 4th to 8th but it is not well enough to say that it will be in list of uncorrupt countries. Therefore according to Transparency report this is most corrupt country of Caribbean region as this country has faced many problem in past but after the victory of democracy in 2006 in this country, it was in as serious problems and biggest issue of this country was corruption which is I the roots of this country. People of this country has protested many times against this corruption and Government of this country has also conducted high profile campaign against corruption in public as well as private sectors of this country but all in vain so it is included in most corrupt countries of the world.


7: Libya

Libya is also that country of world which has great number of oil and gas resources, these types of resources lead a country to a most developed country in sight of world because they are able to finish poverty in country, built new schools, colleges, universities, roads, hospitals and mainly reduce international aid and funds but instead of all these resources Libya is far away from these development and it become more unstable after the Death of King Gaddafi. So the major problem of this country is corruption and there are many incidents in this country which prove high profile corruption in this country, incidents include Libya’s Sovereign fund in which Libya Investment authority filled a secret form of more than 1.5 billion dollars and people of this country have no idea about these funds so Libya is filled with these types of incidents.


6: Iraq

Iraq is unstable country for last many years due to attacks of America and other countries therefore a lot of people killed but political parties and public servants of this country also include in corruption on major level such as in Public as well as private sectors so corruption is now become common in this country. It is now become a permanent obstacle for all the investors of the world to start their business in Iraq, main reason is that most of the public and private sectors are connected with most of the politicians of this country therefore most of the investors are came under pressure to start their business here in this country. Reconstruction of Iraq that was paid by America was more than 60 billion dollars which are left behind political corruption and waste.



5: South Sudan

South Sudan one of the big country of the world which got its independence from Sudan in 2011 but one of the major problem of this county is instability due to large corruption and it is considered as most corrupt country of the world so there are many major scandals of corruption in this country as this country has got independence from Sudan but not from corruption. South Sudan is the home of all types of corruption which include Political, Embezzlement, patronage and major of all is bureaucratic corruption which is now in the roots of this country and has made its way towards all private and public sectors of this country. Main incident of corruption in this country is in 2008 named as Dura Saga and Government asked to pay 1 million dollars but according to reports it is never delivered to for cereals. So is added in most corrupt countries of the world.


4: Angola

Angola is that country which is now some serious problems such as weak governess, lack of laws and rules and major of all these corruption as corruption filled in this country through many ways such as through bureaucratic, political, through private and public sectors, looting of state assets and in industrial property of the state. So the scale of corruption and weak governess mismanagement is going to increase in this country day by day so it is considered as worst country which is affected most by corruption. Government of country is trying to reduce corruption so it has introduced reforms in field of revenue and budget transparency and trying to crack down against corruption since 2009 but all tries of Government in vain and no difference produce in this country.


3: Afghanistan

Afghanistan is main country of Asia but this country has faced many problems of terrorism war with some major countries of the world so it becomes unstable due to these problems. So one of also major problem of this country is corruption and according to transparency reports it is included in the list of most corrupt countries of the world due to growing more corruption in Afghan Society. Most recent scandal of corruption in this country is Kabul Bank financial Scandal in which their president of that time Hamid Karzai was also involved and it was amount of more than 1 billion dollars. As according to reports people think that corruption is like a cancer in this society so it is considered as most corrupt country not only in Asia but also in whole world.


2: Somalia

Somalia is considered as most corrupt country in the world with North Korea as Somalia is one of the largest state and it has to face many challenges like lack of rules and laws, no protection of property and life of the people, no governess and major problem is a lot of corruption in this country so corruption is everywhere in this country on Public as well as private sectors therefore according to transparency reports it is most corrupt county of the world. So to reduce corruption Government of this country introduced Public Management Finance policy but it is also in paper not working properly but according to world bank funds of more than 130 million was received and 68 % of this was not counted by the Government therefore it is considered as most corrupt country in the world.


1: North Korea

North Korea is considered as most corrupt country and also most hated country by the people of the world due to its negative attitude toward world and its neighboring countries. North Korea is busy in making missiles and bombs but not protecting its people as they are living life of poverty. According to transparency reports it is most corrupt country in the world and according to reports it is been cleared that Government of this country is most corrupted as they not giving proper rights to their citizens therefore it is also considered as unprotect country for its citizens also. So it is most corrupt country of the world as many of families of this country travel towards China due to no basic rules in this country.