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Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2017


Everybody in this world wants to in live and synchronization so what is peace? Peace is to live happy life as well as with harmony among the people but it is been seen that for last 10 years that there is no little bit peace in many big, famous countries of the world so peace is nowhere in this world because people are more frustrated, depressed and tensed because of injustice, insecurity and instability in their lives which made their lives dull, boring.

But what are the reasons of instability in this world?? There are many reasons of insecurity, injustice and lack of peace in this world which are including poverty, discrimination, inequality, political volatility, spiritual believes and many more so due to these reason many people in this world made their life destructed because they are misused by upper authorities which made their live like bloody games.

So here is the list of top 10 most dangerous cities in the world 2016.

10: Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is beautiful capital city of South Africa, it is known as second most populous city of the country and primate city of country, city is known as most multi cultural city of the country as because of popular and foremost destination for immigrants and expatriates. As described that Cape Town is most beautiful placed for the tourists of the world because most visited by the people but despite of these this master beautiful city is considered as most unstable for the people as city is suffering for many serious crimes like rape, sexual assaults, murder robbery therefore considered as most unstable city of not only country but also of the world so it is also considered as that city in which murder rate is much high.


9: Baghdad, Iraq

Baghdad is the second largest city with respect to area in all Arab countries; it is also capital city of republic of Iraq so it has also7 million populations which is also second most in Arab countries, as this city has faced many problems for last two decades because of attacks by the Americans. Therefore city has faced its worst time during these attacks by the American security agencies because from 2003 to 2011 it was completely demolished and economy was completely destroyed so in this civil war thousands of people killed as well as millions of people force to move to other places of the country due to instability danger of the their lives but it is shocking that after the withdrawal of United States Forces ISIS take the charge to make this city more instable.


8: Caracas, Venezuela

The largest city of Venezuela Caracas is situated in the northern part of the country as this is known as most important city of the country but police and law enforcement agencies have no control on this country because they are unable to make this city stable and crime free therefore known as one of the most dangerous city of the world. It has most murder per capita rate, also shocking to hear about most of the cases remain unsolved due to giving least attention by security forces. Two years before city was known as third most dangerous city of world due to great increment in murder rate but security forces tried their best to resolve this problem up to some extent but there is lot of work remain to done but decrease in crime rate last year is good to see in this city.


7: Karachi, Pakistan

Karachi is an important city of Pakistan as it is also largest city of the country with respect to population and area, it is also known as city of lights but terrorism, organization have destroyed this city very much, it is capital city of provision Sindh as this city has about 23 million population therefore known as most unstable and dangerous city of the world. Karachi is home to major and largest ports, Port of Karachi and Port Bin Qasim, play vital role in Pakistan’s economy therefore many countries also use these ports to export, import but as talk about crime rate then it is most dangerous city because of murder, kidnapping, ransom, target killing and many more. Law enforcement agencies are trying their best to reduce crimes and they are succeeded up to some extent.


6: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Guatemala is the largest as well as important city of the country, this is also known as capital city of Republic of Guatemala, as talk about the population of this city then this is most populated city in the Central America, so this capital city is also suffering from many problem of crime. Guatemala City is also drug trafficking city which has high rates of drug supplies every year while the city is continuously suffering from massive murders, sexual assaults, kidnappings, robberies, thefts and many other political issues, security forces of the country tried their best to reduce all kinds of crimes but till now unsuccessful to make this city safe for the residents of.



5: Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Mexico is known as one of the dangerous country for the people to live in because it is only country that has included two cities in this list of most dangerous cities in the world, Ciudad Juárez is a city of the metropolis of Juarez in the State of Mexico of Chihuahua placed on the Rio Grande in south of El Paso, Texas. This city is also affected by greater crime rate which is increased more in last two decades; it is also drug trafficking city. To solve these issues government and security agencies tried their best but fail to reduce or overcome these issues and violence of laws is increasing day by day so crimes including homicide, missing people or kidnapping particularly females and rape but nice to see some reduction in property issues and murder rate.


4: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

The city Located in the northwest corner of Honduras San Pedro Sula lies on the bank of Caribbean Sea in south of Puerto Cortés, this city is also famous for its beauty but due to more crime rate in this region it has mad dull the beauty of this city, it is capital of the Cortés Department and city is known as 2nd largest city of the country is one of the fiercest places in the world ,city has murder rate which are quiet higher than other cities which is always at level beyond the human mind. So the key hub for providing cocaine trafficking, this city is known as second largest o ranked in place of more crimes like drug trafficking, murder, kidnapping, violation of laws as well as increasing life instability and insecurity because many gangs are active in this city.


3: Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Brazil is an important country in the world because it has also included in largest countries with respect to population among all the countries of the world so it is the second most populated metropolitan area in Brazil, this Rio de Janeiro is the capital of the Brazil’s third most populous state Rio de Janeiro. As talk about the outlook of the city then it has many places of magnetism for the tourists like places Christ the Redeemer, Sambódromo, Sugarloaf Mountain and many of natural beautiful places but despite of wealthy beautiful country has many problems of high crime rate including murder, robbery, theft, rapes, sexual assaults which are rapidly increased in last few years so making this loveliest city more dangerous and insecure before the world.


2: Acapulco, Mexico

Acapulco is another city of Mexico which is included in this list, but as talk about the beauty of this city, is known as most beautiful place to attract tourists, one of favorite city to enjoy extravagant vacations following visit to attractive spots like Papagayo Park and La Quebrada Cliff Divers while there are number of beaches Tamarindo, Hornitos, Honda, Tlacopanocha, Guitarrón and Hornos. so despite of attractive places, this city is also known as second most dangerous city in the world because city is facing many crimes including homicide, sexual assaults, robberies, theft and murder which is more on the sites of resorts, hotels or crowded places so due to increase in murder rate tourists rate in this city also became less which effect the economy of country.


1: Kabul, Afghanistan

Kabul is known as most dangerous and woeful city of the world, as this is largest as well as most populated city of Afghanistan, also known as city capital of the country so city is situated in the eastern section of the country, having more than 3.4 million inhabitants. City is more unstable to many civil was like of 1993 to 1996 which devastated many places of the city and in thousands of people killed which also damaging the infrastructure but has been controlled since 2001 but due to entrance of NATO forces city is known as most dangerous city of the world so according to reports Taliban is still in power which are involved in many homicides, kidnappings and other decisive illegal activities in the region despite of that American security forces led a necessary operation of thirteen years in this city.


Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In The World 2016
Rank City Country
1 Kabul Afghanistan
2 Acapulco Mexico
3 Rio De Janeiro Brazil
4 San Pedro Sula Honduras
5 Ciudad Juarez Mexico
6 Guatemala City Guatemala
7 Karachi Pakistan
8 Caracas Venezuela
9 Baghdad Iraq
10 Cape Town South Africa

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