Top 10 Most Delicious Foods in the World 2017


Food is most important and necessary element for human as this substance is consumed to provide nutritional support to the body of a person, so human food is mainly originated from plants and animals because these contains essential nutrients which include vitamins, fats, proteins, and minerals, so to increase the quantity of food there is lot of research by all the scientist of many countries due to increase in population.

Study on food includes zoology, ecology, biology, so food is essential element required for the survival of human life because without this there is no satisfactory fuel for the human body which is able to replace food. So for every person of the world, food means a lot in their lives so there are lot of restaurants and hotels which are famous for providing healthy delicious foods that is more liked by the people.

So here we enlisted the top 10 most delicious foods in the world 2016.

10: Spaghetti

Spaghetti is delicious recipe which is long, cylindrical, thin and solid pasta; this is traditional staple food from Italian Cuisine, this is also made of water and milled wheat like that of other pastas but this delicious food spaghetti has more kind of flour and also durum wheat semolina. This is not included in modern foods because it gained more popularity in the middle of 20th century so this is now available easily because lot of dished of pasta based on it , so there are report of existence of this food in the start of 12th century but now days this is more commonly used in every country but most in Italy.


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9: Bacon

Bacon is another kind of delicious food as this is made usually from cured and pig that is a product of meat as this is only and first cured that required lot of salt either in dry or brine form so preparation, the result is in the form of delicious Bacon, this dish is mostly used in foreign countries because Islamic countries not considered this as halal food, it consist of 541 calories. Fresh Bacon is obtained after drying this in cold air for more than a month therefore this is cooked before using therefore bacon is used in many forms like grilled, boiled, baked, fried and smoked and eaten mostly in breakfast in many countries.


8: Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate chip cookie is another best taste food that is liked and eats all over the world, as this is drop cookie that is basically originated form United States of America and this is famous due to its best combination of delicious ingredients so this traditional recipe includes white as well as brown sugar, semi sweet chocolate chips with dough combination of pure butter. These cookies may also include nuts and many kinds of chocolate which are vegan margarine and vegan chocolate chips, these cookies were invented way back in 1938 so chocolate chip cookies are now use with glass of milk which enhance the tasting sensation of recipe.


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7: Cheese Cake

Sweet dish Cheesecake include one or more than one layers but the thickest and main part of cake consist of combination of fresh, soft cream cheese, sugar and eggs, despite of these, in many cakes lower layer may consist of crushed cookies, pastry, sponge cake and graham crackers. Cake is sweet because use of sugar and this is available in markets in many flavors including fruit sauce, fruits, nuts, cookies, whipped cream, chocolate syrup and many other flavors like pumpkin, Oreo, toffee, strawberry and chestnut, this is shocking to hear that this is much famous from various centuries even from Greece times but modern cheese cake was made in United States in 1872.


6: Crispy Fried Chicken

Crispy Fried Chicken is also most loved by the people due to its crispy taste because this is marinated with different flavors and coated with many ingredients, this easily available in almost every country, but every restaurant not offer same kind of Crispy Fried chicken and they have different types available. Largest maker of this recipe is KFC and MacDonald that offers Kentucky crispy chicken, preparation of this recipe not requires lot of hard work with ordinary ingredients like flour, garlic, peeper, salt, paprika and eggs used, this is also not expensive dish but rich is taste which is reason of popularity of this delicious recipe.


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5: Steak

Delicious food ever liked by the people is none others of Steak that is meat which is cut perpendicularly to the muscle fiber but also includes bone in this meat, there are many types of Steak but there are most famous throughout the world, skirt steak is kind of steak in which meat is cut parallel to the muscle fiber, meat is sliced from abdominal muscles in flank steak. But in silver finger steak meat is cut from the lion and also includes three bones from rib, as in all three types, meat is grilled but this can also broiled or pan fried, this meat is also cooked with different sauces but most prominent steak is trip trip, New York steak strips and flank.


4: Ice Cream

Ice cream is most delicious and used food in the world because it is loved and liked by every person of the world despite of their age, this is frozen sweeten food which is eaten as dessert or snack, so this is made by the combination of dairy products such as cream and milk but to make this most tasty some kind of fruits and fruit flavors also used. Prominent ingredients including corn syrup, beet sugar, sucrose, cane sugar and many other ingredients but it is interesting to know that name of this dish varies from area to area because this is called as Frozen custard, frozen yogurt in many countries of world but this is only dish which is available in thousands of flavors.


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3: French Fries

French fries is also named as French chips or finger chips which is made of fresh potatoes cut in the shape of finger that are further deep fried in oil, these are referred as French fries in Canada and in most states of America but in many other countries including Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom and South Africa these fries are called as Shoestrings fries. This recipe is loved by every person of the world but most prominent in children, these are available in almost every fast food restaurants which are served with tasty sauces including ketchup and vinegar, these are also cut in many shapes that liked by the cook.


2: Chocolate

Chocolate is sweet brown in color delicious food which is prepared by the seeds of Theobroma cacao and further roasted and obtained mostly in flavor of vanilla, this is only food which is prepared in paste, hard block and also in liquid form and by adding additional ingredients for best flavor. Cacao is cultivated by many countries of the world in these days but there are traces of much old history of this food, according to the reports Mesoamerican people were first who cultivated this delicious dish, this is used in almost every sweet dishes including cakes, candies, desserts, pudding, chocolate chip cookies and many other so this is most common but prominent delicious food of the world.


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1: Pizza

Pizza is best in taste food which is available in all over the world; basically this is a flatbread which is topped with cheese and tomato sauce so after that baked in oven, despite of these this is also prepared by the combination of chicken, vegetables and it is reported that it was first prepared in 10th century in Central Italy therefore modern kind of pizza is also invented by Italians and after that it became most prominent throughout the world. This is available in fast food restaurants in thousands of flavors including vegetable pizza, BBQ Pizza, Italian Pizza, Smoky Pizza, Spicy Pizza, Chicken Fajita and cheese Pizza and according to estimate records this is most eat all over the world.



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