Top 10 Most Expensive Divorces in Hollywood


Marriage is a sacred portion of life in which two families linked with each other, there was time when there was so much less divorces but now a day in this era this became more common today, but according to survey that divorces are increased more in rich people as well as celebrities.

As marriage of celebrities starts as well as also ends in Hurry therefore there are rare cases in which there is no divorce in celebrities, so main reason of divorce of celebrities is seen to be narcissism as well as they remain busy in their work as much as they cannot give proper time to each other but whatever the reason of their divorce but they have to protect their assets because Most celebrity couples opt to sign a prenuptial agreement before taking their vows. As outcome of many marriages of celebrities is horrible because they have an agreement before their marriage so their marriage is end with the most ends of the assets of male partner.

10: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver

Strong marriages means to understand each other bear difficulties, as talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver married life as well as divorce that Arnold Schwarzenegger is an Australian- American Actor, filmmaker, investor, businessman, author, philanthropist, activist, former professional bodybuilder and former politician because he also served as Governor of American State California but his wife Maria Shriver was producer, News writer and also news correspondent before 2003 when she resigned from this post so after 25 years of their marriage this rich couple announced the news of their divorce in July 2011 therefore Schwarzenegger was forced to give his half net worth to her wife after divorce which was about 250 million dollars so this was one of the expensive divorce.


9: Irina Malandina and Roman Abramovich

Roman Abramovich is from Russia as he is Business man, politician as well as investor; he is also known as 9th richest man of his country therefore known as business tycoon, instead of owner of many companies in his country he has also famous Chelsea Football Club, a Premier League football team but after divorce he became 12th richest man of his country as well as 137th richest man of the world. He has total worth of about 9.1 billion dollars when his wife files case of divorce by claiming that her husband has affair with other then this man asked to solve this matter with fully settlement. When their divorce finally occurs in 2007 then final settlement between him and his wife Irina Malandina was about 300 millions considered as most expensive divorce.


8: Robert and Sheila Johnson

Some couples prefer to keep their career and marriage separate as but Robert and her wife Sheila Johnson worked together as became more wealthy, because Sheila Johnson s an American businesswoman, CEO of Salamander, co founder of BET, Hotels and Resorts, and the first black American female billionaire. As she as well as her husband worked hard together and found BET Networks, as their marriage remains for such a long period time of about 33 years so during their married life they became more and richer by gaining lot of money. They became richer when Robert sold BET Networks in 2000 but after two years of this incident this couple announced their divorce so in final settlement Sheila Johnson received about 400 millions dollars from her husband.


7: Mel Gibson and Robyn Moore

When couple have more children about 7 children as well as also lived together for more than 30 years then there will nothing chances of their separation, as Mel Gibson is an producer, director, actor as well screenwriter from America so he was famous as Action hero in Hollywood Industry. He married Robyn Moore in 1980 so as from their marriage they have 7 children but there was news of their divorce in 2006 but it was not true, in 2009 Moore came to know that her husband has affair then couple of announced their divorce in 2011 so at age of 55 Gibson was fully high in his career because he was actor as well as director as well as he also invested more in real estate so their divorce also done in full settlement by Robyn Moore received 450 million dollar from her husband instead She is also allowed to half of any film residuals Gibson receives for the remainder of his life.


6: Craig McCaw and Wendy Petrak

Craig McCaw in famous personality of America as he is American entrepreneur as well as pioneer in the cellular phone industry, he is also founder and owner of AT & T which is also known as McCaw Cellular and Clear Wire Corporation. When he as well his wife Wendy Petrak celebrated their 21 Marriage anniversary then he sold his cellular company so after a year this in 1995 he as well his wife separated from each other in 1995 due to their personal issues as well as differences as he was very rich man therefore total his money equal to 1.3 billion dollars when they divorced each other there was also separation of their assets like property, jets etc so after their divorce his wife Wendy Petrak was awarded with 460 million dollars with full settlement but he faced many financial issues during this so he has recovered this therefore his total assets are about of 1.84 billion dollars.


5: Steve Wynn and Elaine Pascal

Steve Wynn as well as his wife Elaine Pascal both are so much rich because Steve Wynn is art collector and also a great business man from America as he is so much for casinos as well as luxury hotels, he constructed many hotels, resorts, casinos early in his career while his Ex wife Elaine Pascal has also same business therefore considered as big personality of America so she co founded Wynn Resort as well as Mirage resort with his husband Steve Wynn so they divorced each other in 2010 after getting remarried in 1991. It is so much interesting to know about the both were so much lucky with each other because only in 2004 Wynn generated 1 billion dollars but after divorced his wife awarded 11 million shares of total stock of Wynn which was nearly equal to 741 million dollars therefore their divorce is considered as one of the expensive divorces in Hollywood.


4: Bernie Ecclestone and Slavica Ecclestone

Bernie Ecclestoen is a bi personality, Business man of England as he is founder as well as owner of Formula One group so he also manages formula one race, as her ex wife Slavica is a model. This couple married in 1985 that was 2nd marriage of Bernie but Slavica’s first, there was age as well as height difference because Bernie is 28 years older than Slavica but Slavica is about a feet high than Bernie. So their marriage remains about 23 years so this was seemed to be unlike pair but they lived with each other for more than two decades but also have two daughters but couple announced their divorce early in 2009 so after full settlement Slavica Ecclestone received about 1.3 billion dollars from her husband therefore this is considered as most expensive divorce in Hollywood.


3: Rupert Murdoch and Anna Maria Torv

Rupert Murdoch is a famous personality of America as well as Australia, his future began so early in very young age when he took over the business which was newspaper known as Sunday Mail, he is much hardworking therefore he also included many more newspapers such as Chicago Times, New York magazine so he was able to make 8 billion dollars from all of his business. He made all assets during his second marriage with Anna Maria from 1967 to 1999, so this wife proved so much lucky for Rupert Murdoch so they have also four children but this couple separated from each other in 1999 after full settlement Anna Maria Torv received more than 1.2 billion dollars as this man has now total worth of 11.7 billion dollars.


2: Rupert Murdoch and Wendi Deng

Rupert Murdoch is a famous personality of America as well as Australia; he quit nationality of Australia in 1985, his future was started early in his young age he took over the business which is newspaper known as Sunday Mail, he was much talented as well as hard working therefore he also made many more newspaper agencies such as Chicago times, New York magazines as well as many other TV Stations so he was able to make 8 billion dollars from his business. He married with Wendi Deng in 1999 after divorce from Anna Maria that she is Chinese Born American Business Woman as she was third wife of Rupert Murdoch, there was about 37 years difference between this pair but they managed to live 13 years with each other so in 2013 couple announced their divorce therefore Wendi Deng received price tag of 1.8 billion dollars therefore this was considered as most expensive divorce in the history of Hollywood.


1: Alec Wildenstein and Jocelyn Perisse

Alec Wildenstein was famous personality of France as he was billionaire Business man, racehorse owner, breeder as well as art dealer, but Jocelyn Perisse is a New York Socialist which is better known for her extensive facial surgeries. She has calculated bill of telephone is about 60,000 dollars as well as food and wine bill is equal to 547,000 dollars. So she began a series of extreme plastic surgeries to keep the attention of her husband but this was not work for because she was unable to gain the attention of his husband therefore she divorced her husband when he was found on bed with 19 years old girl in 1999 so this women Jocelyn received 2.5 billion dollars from her husband in case of divorce instead of this she also received 100 million dollars every year from her husband till 13 years after divorce but this man Alec Wildenstein was died in 2008 due to Prostate cancer so this was considered as most expensive divorce in Hollywood.



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