Top 10 Most Powerful Countries in the World 2017


Many countries are now increasing their power by many ways to rule on the world, but the main question is on this place is that power of country increase on what purposes? What are main things which make a country powerful? What are the aspects to increase power? Here are some of Question about this topic.

So is the Military power of a country making country powerful? Or is economic productions and foreign influences effect on this stage or not? But on this stage all of these three factors are important to prove a country is powerful or not but there are some other factors which have great effect on a country which include income per person, growth rate, Gross domestic product, economic power and mainly the budget of a country on its defense and military. These entire factors decide the power of a country.

So here is the list of top 10 most powerful countries of the world 2016.

10: Canada

Canada is beautiful as well as in the list of most beautiful countries of the world because its National power Index is .68 but last couple of years Canada does not make any great and enormous change and it maintain its rank from 2012. But best thing in this country is living standard of people and economy of this country with high GDP, main things which that make Canada so much powerful are its closeness with two major and powerful Countries United States of America and United Kingdom and natural resources which make life of people with great standard as this country is second largest in the world after Russia. GDP of this country is also on 11th number which makes it more powerful in sight of world.

Powerful Countries

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9: Netherlands

Netherlands is also most in list of most powerful countries of the world as this country is located in west of Europe, this country is small but more densely populated. Main things of this country are that this country is the 2nd largest exporter of food items and agricultural things after that of United States of America which is on the 1st rank. This country is also strongest with its economy power which is on sixth rank in European Union but on the market bases the economy of this country is on 17th rank in 177 countries. So its economy is mainly depends upon exporting food and agricultural item, as this country is also known as Holland and also safe country for its citizens.

Powerful Countries

8: India

India is world’s 2nd largest country by population after China but it also regional superpower and major power in this world, economy of this country is become more powerful which is mainly due to education as most of people of this country are getting more and more education but large of people of this country are living in life of poverty but instead of all this country is making progress by leaps and bounds as it has a great economy via film industry main by Bollywood which is one of the largest film Industry of the world. Many big investors are now investing in India as labor is very cheap in this country but it has large number of English speakers therefore India is getting large amount of money from film industry which are mainly hit on the Box office and this country is also a nuclear power and has a large amount of Military.

Powerful Countries

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7: Japan

Japan is also most powerful and developed country and now become the most important part of the world as the economy of this country is becoming strong after mid of 18th century. But Japan has passed some difficult days in 2008 due to economic recession and large amount of public debt on that time but instead of all these factors Japan is still third largest economy power after United states of America and China. Main source of income of this country is from automobiles as this country is 2nd largest country producer of automobiles in the world bur instead of all these development this country is also producer of textile products, Chemical substances, machines, food items and mainly Electronics which make this country most powerful in the world.

Powerful Countries

6: Russia

Russia is also most powerful country of the world as this country is the second largest country by area and this country has many number of natural resources which mainly has a great affect on the economy of this country that are 30 % of all income of the country. These resources include gas, oil and many other precious metals, Russia is also great dealer of arms in the world because sales of arms of this country per year is more than 15 to 20 billion dollars after United States which is on highest rank. Currently Russia has faced many issues which down the graph of standard which include lower price of oil which badly hit the economy of this country and it has faces many front wars with Syria, Ukraine and with some other countries. It has also governess issues due to its large area.

Powerful Countries

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5: France

France is also most powerful country in the world as this country has sixth largest economy in the world with a large amount of business units in Europe, but its economy in on 3rd position in Europe and also has large number of wealthy people which are most in Europe. Main sources of its power are as this country deals with chemical, automobiles, textile, aircrafts, electronics and mainly tourism therefore this country has large number of tourism places. Frances had to face many crisis in 2009 but it has recovered soon than other countries, it is also largest developer of nuclear and about 80 % of electricity is been produced by natural resources and this country is sixth largest in case of producing agricultural products therefore due to these aspects France is in list of most powerful countries of the world.

Powerful Countries

4: China

China is also in list of most of powerful countries of the due to its progress in last 20 years as economic growth of this country is increasing 10 % every years for last few decades due to increase in many industrial units. China is now producing large amount of electronics products in the world but instead of electronics china is also a largest producer of agricultural products and East China is now become new Superpower of the world. Economy of China is on second rank after that of United States of America and Military of China is now spending largest amount in the world. Main source of China to become most powerful country in this world as Government is now teaching too much skills to their people and China is getting more resources due to closeness to other countries.

Powerful Countries

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3: Germany

Germany is also most powerful country in the world but also largest and powerful country of Europe as this country has largest population as well economy of Europe and now become the leader of European countries after its success in financial recession of 2008-2012. It is also a major sector of technology and 18th largest country by population in the world therefore it has fairly large amount of military which is on 9th rank in the world as this country got too much benefit by the crisis of Euro and considered as most solid financial strong, responsible and regulated country. So under the rule of its Chancellor Germany is now making its position in the world by strengthened its economy and income per person.

Powerful Countries

2: United Kingdom

United Kingdom is also most powerful country of the world as this country has second largest Economy in Europe and maintained its position in this region. This country has a large historic power background from 18th century and instead of this UK is also a large dealer in industrial products, and getting a lot of amount from tourism on Empire Days. But UK is considered as soft power house this means that world is not counting its Military power but UK is now spending its large amount of its Budget on Military reforms than any other European country therefore due to great Military power, healthy work in industry, UK is not only the most strongest country of the Europe but also strongest country and economy power of the world.

Powerful Countries

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1: United States of America

United States of America is the most powerful country of the world and there is doubt and surprise about it but the population of this country is not more than 5 % of the population of the world. United States is largest producer of Oil and gas, second largest manufacturer and it has highest trained labor in this country, therefore dollar is the strongest currency in the world. USA is now larger economy power in the world as this country is spending more Budget on its Military which is more than that most 10 funded countries. It has also largest film Industry of the World names as Hollywood which is grossing too much amount for its country and USA is the largest producer of agricultural products. It is believed that America will be powerful country of the world for at least ten years more because of its economy power.

Powerful Countries


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