Published On: Thu, Mar 24th, 2016

Top 10 Most Smallest Countries In The World 2016


World is consist of about 200 countries so it is not very difficult to judge which country is big and which country is small as according to reports it is been told that most of the countries are so small due to near sea with them as most of area covered by that sea therefore most of small countries are in Europe and Caribbean.

In which large number of countries have so much less area which may be less than 44 sq. km but in these countries most f the countries are well developed and beautiful with dense population so there are almost ten countries in the world which have almost less than 70 thousand population.

These countries have their own Government, cultures and popularity but these countries are in rich countries with great income per capita and visited by most of the tourists.

So here is the list of top 10 smallest countries in the world.

10: Grenada

Grenada is smallest country of in the world which is located on island of Caribbean, as country is also known as The Island of Spice. The country is also most famous for producing mace crops and nutmeg as country is situated in the northwest of city Trinidad and Tobago and it was colonized in 1649 by the people of France, therefore it is also called strong point of culture and tradition of France and people of this region use mostly French language so whole is full of all beautiful places with mixing of culture and most important Architecture of France so it is largest exporter of its most popular crops mace and nutmeg so total area of this country is about 344 sr. kilometers and population of is about 1,10,000 people, cricket is most famous sport of the country so due to small size Grenada is 10th for most smallest countries in the world.


9: Malta

Malta is also smallest country of the world as it is consist of more than one island which is located Mediterranean sea so it is the combination of 3 main islands which are named as Comino, Malta and Gozo but largest in these is Malta and these are combined to be Malta. Population of this country is almost 4, 50,000 people and considered as one of the densely populated country in the world and according to reports it is been told that this country is more than 7 thousand years old history therefore is most visited by the tourists and foreigners in sack of its good looking and beautiful beaches and so pleasant weather. Total area of this country is about 316 sq. kilometers therefore it is considered in smallest countries of the world.


8: Maldives

Maldives is a smallest country in the world with respect to population and area of this region before the world as it is located on the bank of Indian Ocean that this country is also most visited place for visitors all around the world. It is also important country of Asia and also the member of SAARC Countries, in Maldives there are about 1192 island which covered area of 90,000 sq. km and considered as densely populated and dispersed area as initially this country was under empires of many countries including Britain, Portuguese and also Dutch but people of this country got independence in year 1965 therefore Maldives has made its name before the world due to natural beautiful white sand beach and pure blue crystal water so due to small size area it is also in smallest countries of the world.


7: Saint Kitts and Nevis

Saint Kitts and Nevis is also smallest country in the world and this is also known as Federation of Saint Christopher and Nevis and called as mother colony of West Indies as these two islands are in Caribbean which was first occupied by European. The country is most famous for its beauty and therefore economy of this country is mostly depends on tourism, small industries which are built in this country and agriculture production but another benefit of this region is that it is densely and has abundant with marine life. So it has also great name in the field of sugar cane and is large exporter of sugar in the world therefore a large amount of hotels and resorts are also building for visitors and foreigners so area of this country is about 261 and in list of smallest countries in the world.


6: Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is also smaller country of the world that is till now ruled by Prince therefore there is a empire system in this country. This country is located in between of Austria and Switzerland therefore it is also very beautiful country which is completely covered by Alps instead of small in size country is also richest in the world by GDP and income per capita which is highest in the world therefore unemployment is so much less which is just 1.5 %. Generally German language is used in this country by the people but there is a problem there which is there is no airport in this country so visitor and tourists first go to Switzerland and then this country. Area of this country is about 160 sq. km and population is also about 37 thousand therefore it is also smallest country of the world.



5: San Marino

San Marino is also smallest country of the world whose mostly area is surrounded by Italy as it is also known as Republic of San Marino that is most serene Republic. According to survey reports it is been claimed that it is oldest country which is still survived instead of it is in smallest countries of the world but it is also in wealthiest countries of the world in term of most GDP and income per capita as it is 5th smallest country of the world also the 3rd smallest in Europe. Its population is nearly about 3o thousand therefore it also has lowest unemployment rate in this country and it largest city in term of area is Dogana as it is member of Europe Council so its area is about 61Sq. kilometer therefore it is in smallest countries of the world.


4: Tuvalu

Tuvalu is smallest country of the world whose rank is 4th in smallest countries in term of area as it is initially known as Ellice Island so it is situated in the West of Australia in Pacific Ocean; wonderful aspect about this country is that it has only 1 hospital in this island and road of only 8 kilometers. It was under the rule of British but it gained independence in 1978 from these so due to small area therefore it is not considered as best for tourism point of view and less number of people came here as less than 2 thousand people came here in 2010 but in which most of them were came here in sack of business. It has total area about 26 sq. km and population is about 10 thousand people therefore considered as smallest country in the world.


3: Nauru

Nauru is smallest country which is located in the east of country Australia as it was not known by world before 1980 when there was the booming of phosphate mining but due to lack of resources it is still out of sight of tourists and no trend of tourism here in this country but instead of all these it is called pleasant island but the sources of phosphate are now useless therefore unemployment is increased in this country that goes beyond 90 % and only 10 % of the inhabitants are now employed. It is also famous in term of that it has most of people which are most overweight in ratio of those 97 % men and 93 % women are so fat so due to this it has also ratio of a disease of diabetes that 40 % of inhabitants are affected by this disease. Area of the country is 21 sq. km and in the list of smallest countries of the world.


2: Monaco

Monaco is also smallest country of the world which is situated on the bank of French Riviera as most wonderful aspect about this country is that it has most number of millionaires and billionaires in the world so GDP and income per capita is also highest in the world so it is most popular for luxury goods, its gambling and services industry there it is called as play ground for famous, popular and rich peoples of the world. It is covered about 3 sides by France and one side by Mediterranean Sea as it is covered by France so people of this country use French language and it is also famous for Formula 1 race which is held in this country and track of this game is passing from streets. Area of this country is about 2 sq. km and population is 36,000 people that is most densely populated country.


1: Vatican

Vatican is the smallest country in the world but it is also called as Holy See, it is located and touched with city of Italy Rome and called the house of catholic churches therefore it has also biggest Church in the world so most of the income is came for all member which are touch with this world’s biggest church as it has 1 billion members. It is also important for tourism point of view therefore its income also came for tourism, admission fees of museums and selling postage stamps so it gained independence in 1926 and it also has its own cultures. Area of this country is about o.44 sq. km therefore it is smallest country in the world and this country has only 800 people which are lived here.