Published On: Fri, Jul 22nd, 2016

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages In The World 2016


Language is most common in the world that is changed from area to area so every area, region or country has different and large number of languages so according to survey reports that more than 7400 languages all over the world have been spoken but all these languages some of these are really recognized and spoken.

So language can be defined as most common way of communication therefore some of languages are spoken widely in all over the world so if some person is unaware of language then he has to face so much difficulties to communicate with other so he cannot understand what other want to communicate or ask him so it is very important for every country to introduce a common language because according to reports after every 10 kilometers some little bit change is language is occur. So here is our topic of discussion will be languages.

10: Punjabi

Punjabi is also in list of that languages which are most common as well as spoken all over the world as is an Indo-Aryan language spoken native speakers worldwide, making it the 10th most widely spoken language in the world therefore it most spoken in Pakistan as well as in India but due to large population which is settled in Canada so it is also most spoken in that country and became one of the national language of that country but not in national language of Pakistan as well of India but it is mother language of Punjabians so it is fourth most spoken language in United Kingdom and third most in Pakistan as well in India so according to reports almost 102 million people or more speak this language therefore considered as most spoken language.


9: French

French is also most common language in the world as it is a Romance language, belonging to the Indo-European family, It descended from the spoken Latin language of the Roman Empire, as did languages such as Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Romanian, Catalan and others languages of the world as interesting to know about this language that it is official language of more than 29 countries all over the world that is why considered as one of the most famous and spoken language in world so it is mostly spoken in such countries including France, southern Belgium, western Switzerland and Monaco among various communities in Canada and according to reports spoken almost by 220 million people of the world and most spoken in European Union.


8: Portuguese

Portuguese is also most important as well as famous language all over the world as it is also known as romantic language of the earth which is spoken in many countries including while it is official language of Portugal, Mozambique, Brazil, Cape Verde, Angola, Guinea-Bissau and São Tomé and Príncipe as well as more than these countries. It is also official language of country Portugal so it is also has co-official language status in Timor, Equatorial, and Macau so it is also spoken in some parts of Asia in Sri Lanka so according to survey about 220 million people all over the world speak this language that is why known as one of the most famous and most spoken language all over the world.


7: Bengali

Bengali is also most important as well as famous language that is speak in different areas of the world as Standard Bangla in Bangladesh and Bengali West Bengal are marked by many differences in words, usage, accent, and phonetics. Bengali is the national language in Bangladesh and second most spoken language in India because of their one of the big province Bengal With about 250 million native and about 300 million total speakers worldwide so it is all list with more speakers of this language all over the world as it has more importance because national Anthem of Bangladesh is in this language as national anthem of India has also some part of this language with mixture of Hindi so due to more speakers that is also known as in top languages.


6: Russian

Russian is also most famous as well as most spoken language in the world as we all of us know that Russia is one of the biggest country of the world that has also so much population therefore it is also official language of Russia and spoken in many other countries of the world Ukraine, Moldova, Latvia, and Estonia Russian is an East Slavic language and official language in Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan therefore it has also lot of speakers and according to reports more than 260 million people all over the world speak this language that is why including in most spoken languages of the world so it is also considered as sixth most official language of United nation so only in Russia more than 144 million speaker of this Language.



5: Hindi

As it is known that India is 2nd biggest country with respect to Population all over the world that has more than 130 crores Population and It is also Official Language as well as National Language With English which is also National Language of this country. The homogeneous and Sanskritised register of the Hindustani language Hindi is one of officials languages in India which has total 380 million worldwide making it one of most spoken languages in the world and according to reports it is been told that Urdu and Hindi are same language because these have so much similarities between them so it is also included in most spoken languages of the world.


4: Arabic

Arabic is one of the oldest language as it is been spoken in most Arab countries and according to reports it is more older language that is been start almost is 6th century as it is been speak in in wide regions across Western Asia, North Africa, and the Horn of Africa. Arabic is one of most spoken languages in the world which is used in most written brochures and Central Semitic language as it has more than 490 million people and speakers all over the world because it is also Derived from Quran that is according to reports most reading book in the world and also taught in many schools and Universities of Pakistan as well and also in all over the world So Quran Arabic Grammar is widely used in this.


3: Spanish

Spain is one of the developed country of the world as it was under the rule of Muslims, as at that time it was also one of the most developed area because it had modern civilization at that time. So according to Survey it is been Originated in the Castile region of Spain is a Romance language which has hundreds of millions of native speakers in that country Spain while stretched all around the world with more than 500 million speakers for which it has been added among the most spoken languages of the world so it is also official as well as national language of Spain as well as many other countries so it is also considered as difficult language to speak as it is speak in some areas of and mixture of Arabic, Occitan, French, Italian and Sardinian among other Indigenous languages of the Americas.


2: English

As we talk about English then there is no introduction of this language as it is easy to speak and learn is well so it is most famous language because it is also international language that is been spoken in all countries of the world so according to reports it is official as well as national language of more than 60 states of the world so it spoken in many countries including United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand among others African, and South Asian countries therefore in every school and University of the world this language is been used therefore it is 1400 years older language and it has more than 850 speakers all over the world.


1: Chinese

As China is most developing country as well as it has most population in the world therefore Chinese is also most spoken language because of its more and more population. It is also most difficult language of the world so Chinese is top most spoken languages in the world with 1.2 billion native speakers including millions across world so the official language of China and Taiwan Chinese is also one of four official languages of Singapore and one of six official languages of United Nation so it is also speak in Canada as well as in Indonesia therefore it is on the 1st rank in this list for most famous as well as most spoken language of the world because of its popularity.