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Top 10 Richest Sportsmen In The World 2017

Sport and games are all about putting in the hard yards and having the greater capability to translate them into a win on the field or ground, an capable athlete who is enormously skillful and has detained on to the highest echelons of his or her particular sport creates enough opportunities for making large amount of money off the field.
And if the athlete is blessed or consecrate with great and handsome looks then a deportment to die for, he or she becomes a magnet or attraction for brand endorsements that can run into years and he or she will make millions of dollars.
In most cases, it is been seen that sports persons end up earning more through endorsements than their earnings on the field from their sports, so it’s mainly depends upon the sportsman that how he manage this so there are large number of rich in money sportsmen in the world.
So here is the list of top 10 richest sportsmen in the world 2016.

10: Cristiano Ronaldo (230 million dollars)

Cristiano Ronaldo is popular professional football player in the world, he is considered as the number one player in this respect as he was born on 5 February 1985, he is Portuguese professional footballer who plays for Spanish club Real Madrid and the Portugal national team so now a days he is leading the football team of his country so he has won the FIFA Player of the year for many times. He is also highest paid athlete of the world so he is only player in the world which has won four times the Golden shoes awards therefore he is also included in the richest players in the world because he has total worth about 230 million dollars that capable him to include him in this list.

9: Greg Norman (300 million dollars)

Greg Norman is also one of the richest sportsmen in the world as he is professional Australian Golfer who has a record to spent 331 weeks as the world’s Number 1 Official World Golf Rankings ranked golfer in the 1980s and 1990s therefore he has won 91 international tournaments in his whole career. In a orientation to his blond hair, aggressive golf style, size, and his birthplace’s native coastal animal, Norman’s nickname is ‘The Great White Shark’ as he won many tournaments in his career so he is considered as one of the richest athlete in the world because he has large net worth in his bank account which is about 300 million dollars so after retiring from his professional career he connected to many entrepreneurs.

8: Alex Rodriguez (325 million dollars)

Another most popular name from the United States of America which is none other than Alex Rodriguez which is famous Baseball American Player as he was born on 27 July 1975, his nick name is ‘A Rod’, Rodriguez was one of the sport’s most highly touted forecast and is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time from any country of the world therefore he is considered as the richest sportsman of the world. So during his 20 years of successful career he has won many awards as well as leagues including He is a 14 time All-Star and has won three American League ten Silver Slugger Awards, (AL) Most Valuable Player (MVP) Awards, and two Gold Glove Awards so he has total net worth about 325 million dollars.

7: LeBron James ($267,000,000)

LeBron James is another famous and richest sportsman in the world because he earn lot of money from his professional career as Basketball player, he was born on 30th December 1984, He has won two NBA championships in 2012, 2013, despite of this he has also won four NBA Most Valuable Player Awards (2009, 2010, 2012, 2013), an NBA scoring title (2008), two Olympic gold medals (2008, 2012), two NBA Finals MVP Awards (2012,2013), and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award (2004) as he has won many titles therefore he is one of the richest player in the world because he has total net worth in his account about 267,000,000 dollars.

6: David Beckham (350 million Dollars)

David Robert Joseph Beckham is also richest sportsman in the world as he was born on 2 May 1975, he is a professional English footballer therefore he has played for many football clubs including Preston North End, Manchester United, Milan, LA Galaxy, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, and also for the England national team. So he is the first English player in the world which has won four titles of Leagues in different countries which are Spain, France, United States of America and also in his county England so he played football for almost 20 years as he has announced his retirement in 2013 after his successful career but till now he has large amount in his bank account as his net worth is about 350 million dollars.

5: Shaquille O Neal (350 million dollars)

Shaquille O Neal is another famous richest personality in the world as he was born on 6 March 1972, he was a professional basketball player which is retired from his career but still has a lot of money in the account because he is currently working as an psychoanalyst on the television program Inside the NBA. As his weight was about 325 pounds therefore he was known as the heaviest player in the world in this respect so he played for 6 teams in his 19 years of professional career, he also won three consecutive championships of 2000, 2001, 2002 as that time his career was at the peak point of the success therefore he made large amount of money from his professional because his net worth is about 350 million dollars.

4: Magic Johnson (500 million Dollars)

Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. is a professional basketball player of America who has played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and for National Basketball Association (NBA) for about 13 main seasons, he was born on 14th August 1959 as she is retired from professional career but still included in this list due to his large amount. After winning championships in high school as well as college, Johnson was chosen first overall in the 1979 NBA draft by the Lakers, He won a championship and he was an NBA Finals Most Valuable Player Award in his rookie season, and won four more championships with the Lakers during the 1980s so he announced his retirement first time in 1991 but came after a year again so he has net worth about 500 million dollars.

3: Tiger Woods (700 Million Dollars)

There is no need to introduce this high profile best as well as richest sportsman in the world which is none other than Tiger Woods as he is a professional golfer from America which is considered as most successful golfer in the world therefore he was also highest paid sportsman for many years that is why he is considered as one of the richest athlete in the world. He was born on 30th December 1975 so during his career till now he has broke many records as a golfer because he was number one for many consecutive years therefore he received awards best player of the year for about 11 times in his career so his total net worth is about 700 million dollars therefore he is known as richest athlete in the world.

2: Michael Schumacher (780 million dollars)

Michael Schumacher is also richest sportsman in the world as he is the professional racing driver from Germany as he was born on 3 January 1969, interesting to know that he is seven times formula one championship therefore known as one of the greatest formula one racing driver in the world so He was named Laureus World Sportsman of the Year two times in his career. He has many records in his hands including most victories, most championships, pole positions, fastest laps, despite of these he has also won most races in a single season, and he first announced his retirement in 2006 but came back in 2010 again so he has lot of money in his bank therefore total net worth is about 780 million dollars.

1: Michael Jordan (1 Billion Dollars)

Michael Jaffrey Jordan is richest athlete in the world which was born on 17 February 1963 as he was also professional basketball player from America as well as principal owner and chairman of the Charlotte Hornets so he played 15 season for National Basketball Association so he is known as greatest player all the time in the world. He is retired from his professional career but till now known as richest athlete in the world. His career was at the peak point during 1980 and 1990 so he has also highest average because he is most regular player in his career so due to his most regular career he has large amount of money in his account which is about 1 billion dollars.

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