Top 5 Most Popular Short Hairstyles Trends For Women In 2016


Short hair style mostly suit on ladies who have small face with short height. Short hair styles normally stay for long time depends upon the growth of our hairs. Here we will show some styles if you are going to stay with short hairs for long time. Pixie cut, bohemian waves, blunt, angled look and lib length are most commonly used short hair styles.

1: Pixie
The most flexible hair cut if you know what actually do with it, mostly people just take it as one trick pony. Long lasting hair cut which can never end seems on every red carpet. By giving voluminous and side swept you can give it a new touch.

Curling iron help you to increase the volume, by giving alternative directions you can create height and texture. Give casual side sweep using spray if you are going for lunch or on a casual party.


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2: Blunt
Most adopted hairstyle by superstars, if you are going in some high class party or in a fashion show then it’s quite better to take blunt bob look. You can use curl iron to make twists In order to change look of blunt. This hair cut also looks adorable with straight hairs.


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3: Old Hollywood
Old Hollywood style with some different look showcased by Taylor swift, Taylor is also a fan of the tassel and these two hairstyles facet different to carry bangs. To get either of these styles we suggest curling the hair and pinning each curl to set. Graceful affect blow dry the fringe forward and finish without hairspray.


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4: Bohemian
Bohemian waves, one furthermore features braids and a faux shave. While creating the relaxed curl that both these looks necessitate be definite to go away the ends out when curling with the Silver Bullet Fastlane 25mm Iron.

Styles are not to be too fussy over details because in order for this look to be on edge you have to take a no fuss approach.


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5: Straight
Fabulous style which suited on everyone can be adopted on every occasion. Starting with a crisp part, centre or side, comb styling gel through damp hair and blow dry. If your hairs are naturally straight you can bend it at the end with round brush. By taking different angle sweep you can give a new and unique touch on different occasions.



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