Top countries which are going to launch 5G


countries which are going to launch 5G

Competition is getting fierce on global launch of 5G. the activity to launch the 5G service in technology focused countries has already turn into a fever where vendors and service providers are already making early 5G trails and test via friendly users.

Top countries which are going to launch 5G

The top countries that are going to launch 5G first in the world are as follows. However the timeframe in which these countries will launch this is either 2019 or 2020 on commercial scale.

South Korea:-

There are two service providers in South Korea who are working together to launch 5G network first in the market. The name of one service provider is SK Technologies who has acquired itself a spectrum in between 3.5 GHz to 28 GHz frequencies. The other service provider named Korea Telecom made announcement of launching a trail 5G service in 2017 at 2018’s Winter Olympics help in South Korea.


China is also a major contender in 5G market. The GSMA ash already made prediction that by end of 2025, China will have 40 percent of the world’s 5G connection. A study by China’s Academy of Information Communication and Technology has made clear that in 2025, 5G service will make up for 3.2 percent of China’s GDP. This will generate 8 million jobs and likely to add 2.9 trillion Yuan by end of 2030.


Japan is also mobilizing its effort to be amongst top countries for the line of 5G service providers. Security services of Japan has launched a trial for security service based on 5G network to determine effectiveness of both their security service as well as of the 5G network. The trial was conducted by use of artificial intelligence and 1 drone that had 4K HD camera and smart phones. The trial was presented to show the security service that will be used in 2002 Olympic games event.

United Sates of America:-

USA already has some advantage in race of 5G. USA has lead due to spectrum holdings, spectrum efficiency due to its already advanced 4G network. There are some disadvantages as well. Zoning authorities for cell towers and base stations are under the control of Local and Municipal governments. This slows down the authorization speed, a bad omen for 5G.  FCC however has voted the opening of 11 GHz high frequency spectrum for the future of 5G. Various vendors and service providers have already made advantage of this opportunity and have launched trials in user friendly markets.


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