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Top Ten Best First Wedding Dance Songs Of 2017

Marriage is the most prominent moment of the life of the couple because on that day they are starting their new life with each other therefore everyone in the world wants their wedding day very special and different because it may came in their life once a time.
As talk about the singing then this is made part of every walk of life because this world has lack of entertainment therefore to increase enjoyments songs play an important role in every moment whether a person is sad, or happy, in love or alone these are companions for the whole life, now there are also introducing best wedding songs by many popular singers of the world whose purpose is to increase the entertainment of the couple to bless them for their happy wedding life future.
So here is the list of top 10 Best First Wedding Dance Song in the World 2016.

10: “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake

Can’t Stop The Feeling is the best wedding dance song of this year as this is been sung or recorded by famous American Singer as well as Songwriter Justin Timberlake which is also considered as best track for the trolls of the upcoming movie so far this is been produced and written by Timberlake. On the start this was considered to be hip hop song but later on considered to be best wedding song because of its sound or music therefore people should not be worried for the empty dance floor in the wedding because this is best for the dance so this song was released in May of this running year and be number one song listen on the radio songs in United States.

9: “Yours” by Russell Dickerson

Yours is another best song in the world which is used to play on wedding for dance so this beautiful song was recorded by famous American Singer Russell Dickerson which is also popular for writing beautiful songs, this beautiful and lovely song was released in September last year but considered to be best this year too because this is most listen by the people of the world so this became the title song of the album which was extended in January this year. So this song made many records due to its beautiful soundtrack and music because more than 15 thousand copies of this song was sold on the opening day of the song release but this song given three stars out of five.

8: “Stand by You” by Rachel Platten

As clear from the title of the song which shows all the beautiful lyrics of whole soundtrack Stand By You which is beautifully sung and recorded by famous American singer Rachel Platten, this song was released by Columbia Records in September last year but able to maintain its position in this list because it was considered as number 2 song in 40 hottest as well as best wedding songs of the world therefore it reached the top adult pop song in the United States Chart in February this year 2016 so this song received mix response by the critics of the music but most liked by the people of the world so the video of this song was officially released on the youtube in November 2015.

7: “Sorry” by Justin Bieber

There is no need to introduced this controversial singer Justin Bieber which is always in news or in discussion on social media by his controversies so this song is from his fourth Studio Album so this beautiful song which is named as Sorry is written by Justin Tranter, Sonny Moore, Julia Michaels, Michael Tucker and also Bieber himself but produced by Blood and Strillex. This song was released in October last year considered as dance song which is most commonly played in the weddings therefore considered as best wedding song in the world by Canadian Super Singer because this song spent about 7 weeks in the top songs of his country Canada and also become third on the United States Chart.

6: “Always” by Chuck Wicks

Always is also considered to be best wedding song in the world which is sung beautifully by famous singer chuck wicks which is from his famous album Turning Point, as this song was released on 26th of February 2016 so this song was written by Wicks, Emily Shackelton. So this song debuted very well in his country because more than 4 thousand copies of were sold on the opening week of the releasing date, this was produced by Andy Dodd as well as Chuck Wicks himself but referred as his best album song of his professional career as singer because this song is able to turn the whole dance floor full of dancing people due to its music and soundtrack.

5: “One Call Away” by Charlie Puth

One Call Away is another beautiful wedding song which is lovely sung by American Singer Charlie Puth as this song is from his debut album named as Nine Track Mind, as talk about the release of this song then it was officially released in late August last year but able to maintain its position in this list by impressing the audience. So it was remained at top position in many countries including United States and United Kingdom, as according to reports till February 2016 more than 513,700 copies of this song was sold only in his country, interesting to know that it was debuted in New Zealand at number 39 but after a single week this song was at number 9 because it was top hit song in a week.

4: “Cake by the Ocean” by DNCE

Another best and most famous wedding song in the world which is none other than that of the Cake by the Ocean which is debut single by the American Singer DNCE so this song was released on Radio in January 2016 but released for sale in September 2015 because it was recorded in September last year therefore considered as best wedding dance song of the world. This lovely wedding song was written by Joe, Justin Tranter and the Swedishduo, Mattman & Robin so this track was as much beautiful that this was performed by DNCE in 2016 Billboard Music Awards so this song is much about the Wedding and sex on the Ocean but named as Cake by the Ocean.

3: “Die a Happy Man” by Thomas Rhett

Die a Happy Man is another Best wedding dance song in the world which is sung and written by American Singer as well as Song writer Thomas Rhett it was released by famous Valory Music group in September last year as it was the second single of the singer which received a positive response by the fans and critics of the music. So this song was produced by Dan Huff so this song is about the life of the wedding couple who asked to live with him with her lots of love because he wants to die a happy Man not without the blessings of her wife’s love, this song gained commercial success because more than 40 thousand copies of the song sold within the first week of the release of song.

2: “Hold My Hand” by Jess Glynne

Hold My Hand is another best love wedding dance song in the world which is recorded as well as written by English Singer and songwriter Jess Glynne, the song was released way back in March 2015 but able to maintain its position here in this year therefore considered as best wedding dance song in the world. Therefore video of this song was officially uploaded on the youtube last year so this song debuted as number one song of United States chart almost for three consecutive weeks instead of this on the 7th position of Irish Chart so far this song was so famous that Coca Cola company also used this song for their advertisement last year.

1: “Remedy” by Adele

This beautiful singer needs no introduction because Adele is one of the most famous as well as highest paid celebrity of the world so her song Remedy is the most beautiful wedding song as song is written by Adele Adkins while produced by Ryan Tedder. Song was considered to be best in many countries including Switzerland, Finland, United States, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, Canada France and also United Kingdom therefore this is considered as best wedding dance song in the world because it also received such positive response by the public or fans of Adele but also response by the critics, this song is most popular to play on the wedding functions so critics talked about the reality of love in the songs which was incredible to hear because it was also about the love of parents and lover of the singer.

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