Top Ten Countries with Fastest Internet Speed in the World 2018


Last Updated: May 31, 2018

There are many astonishing and advanced inventions take place in the running century but in all of the these internet is more innovative due to its millions of features therefore in this era, importance of internet cannot be denied by any person of the world which can be estimated as number of surfers of internet are increasing at very large level.

This is because this is only way for people to communicate with each other whether they are much far away, a person never feel alone in the presence of internet, so for searching of any kind of required information, nobody has much time to any more in this technological era. At the start of this technology, the speed of internet was very low and this became much fast after 2005 therefore speed of internet is very fast these days.

So here we have list of top ten fastest internet speed in the world 2018.

10: Singapore

According to GDP or income per capita, Singapore is considered as the richest country in the world therefore this country has taken best positions in many sectors of life, industry of this country is much progressed, it is told that more than 11,512,900 internet connection subscribers exist in this country which show internet technology is easily available in this country with connectivity rate exact 99 percent. So it is interesting to know that Government of this country is also promotion of using broadband connections, so speed of web connection I this country is more than 30.9 megabits per second.


9: Israel

Israel is one of the popular countries mainly due to its literacy rate which is highest in the world, so this is also astonishing country in technology development because this is 8th country of the world with massive amount of nuclear weapons, so as talk about internet speed, Israel has taken best position in this sector. So with this best speed, country has also made its name in IT field, Broadband connection has been available in this country since 1990s but speed of internet is increasing at high level from 2009, according to reports more than 95 % of population has eas8ily access to the internet, therefore internet speed in this country is about 30.9 mbps.


8: Bulgaria

Bulgaria is making its place in the world in the field of increasing economic which is due to cheapest labor and much lower duty rates therefore this country is source of attraction not only for domestic investors but also foreign investors, internet services was provided in this region in 1989 but TCP/IP connection was available in 1992. So capital of Bulgaria has more internets speed than that of other cities, country has more than 3.9 million users of internet and connections also easily accessible for citizens, average speed of broadband connection in Bulgaria is 32.1 Megabits per second.


7: Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the everlasting countries of the world in the field of finance industry therefore this is called as the richest country of the world, as talk about internet connection speed, this country has highest penetrating rates in Europe, broadband connections are easily available for more than 99 percent of total population of the country. Despite of other connections, Mobile broadband connections are also provided to the people who provide facility for subscribers to subscribe for 1 or 3 years that depends on the offers so this country has broadband speed more than 32.4 Megabits per second.


6: Belgium

This country has much improved infrastructure of internet therefore this is ranked among the most internet users in the world, therefore this country improved and better speed of internet which is up to 32.7 Megabits per second that is more enough for speed downloading. But there is drawback in this country that law enforcement agencies never took any action against crimes committed on internet, internet provider agencies provide not only broadband connection but also mobile broadband connection and according to reports there are more users of mobile broadband connection, so there are 8.6 million internet users in this country.


5: Romania

Romania is another country with best facility of internet, according to repots, speed of internet decreased 3 percent but still despite of decrement; this country has best internet connection with large speed so in recent survey there are 15 million internet users in the whole country which increased from 6 million in 2012. Romania has best speed than that of all countries of Europe; Cristesti has more internet speed than that of all other cities of the country because internet speed in this region is up to 139 megabits per second but average speed of connections in Romania is 37.4 megabits per second.


4: Latvia

Latvia is not considered in the most advanced countries of the world but country making its position in best technology which is due to internet, as country made astonishing growth in internet in 1999, after one year in 2000 there were only 75000 users of internet in this country but now up to 2.4 million people are facilitating with high speed internet. So this country has good standings in the high speed internet because speed is never less than 37.5 Megabits Per second, there is no restriction of government on access to the Internet or information that the government monitors internet chat rooms and e-mail.


3: Japan

Japan is including in those countries which are richest in best and long lasting technology, as internet is introduced in this country fairly in 1996 but this region has made rapid success in high speed broadband internet because they introduced broadband high speed internet in 2000, so Japan is also largest user of Mobile Internet user in the world. There are more than 100 million internet users with 99 percent included employees, 5 G services are also just introduced in this country because most of areas of this country are wired with high speed optic fiber cables, so average speed of internet in this region is about 42.2 Megabits per second.


2: South Korea

Speed of internet in South Korea was most in the world last year therefore it is called as the leader of fastest average internet connection after Hong Kong; about 45 million which is 93 percent of total population of the country is internet user, so this shows that this country has substantial relationship with internet or digital space. So in this context, government has introduced programs and best policies to facilitate its nation with speed internet, so this is included in those Asian countries which have highest glowing connection because speed of average broadband connection in this region is 48.8 Mrga bits per second.


1: Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the strongest countries of the world which is also considered as the house of foreign investors, as talk about the internet and internet speed, this country has progressed rapid as this region has made success in other field because it has highest blazing internet speed. Hong Kong on the 3rd number in highest speed internet but due to its better policies called as leader in technology, maximum population of this country has easily availability of internet connections so peak average internet speed of broadband connection in this country is up to 54.1 megabits per second because in 2006 they provide broadband connections of speed 10 to 100 megabits per second.


[table caption=”Top 10 List of Best Military Commander Generals in the World 2016″ colwidth=”40|300|300″ colalign=”left|left|left”]
Rank,Name,Internet Speed
1, Hong Kong ,54.1 mbps
2, South Korea ,48.8 mbps
3, Japan ,42.2 mbps
4, Latvia ,37.5mbps
5, Romania ,37.4 mbps
6, Belgium ,32.7 mbps
7, Switzerland ,32.4 mbps
8, Bulgaria ,32.1 mbps
9, Israel ,30.9 mbps
10, Singapore ,30.9 mbps



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