Top Ten Best Neymar Haircuts In 2018


Last Updated: June 11, 2018

Fashion and sports are two different things but when they merge they give a pleasant fun and it can be seen clearly by a BrazilianFootball player particularly known as Neymar Jr. This football player is a trend setter for young generation and has made an astonishing sensation for youngsters regarding hair styles. As in India Priyanka Chopra is famous for new hair cut for any new event, same is the case with Neymar. He has given numerous haircuts styles to new generation. Any boy who is a football lover loves to follow Neymar Jr. Hairstyle. In this article I am going to write about top ten Neymar haircut and this is really surprising that this man has changed so much hair styles that almost a book can be written on his hair styles. Well this seems a joke but it is reality.

Neymar had tried almost every new hair look in different style and in different color like curls to Mohawks, amazingly creative colors and like mullets to dreadlocks he has given versatile new range of haircuts.

Top ten Neymar haircut is as follows

1.  Short and Semi-Bald

top ten best Neymar haircuts

Neymar has naturally black and curly hairs but he went through so many haircuts that most of the people do not know this reality. Well short and semi-bald hair cut was the hair style in which Neymar was seen in 2009. At that time people do not know that he intentionally done that hair do and people thought that he combed his hair in hurry or like his mother forced him to do that hair style. Well this hair style depicts his natural hair texture and color and it is one of famous and top ten Neymar haircut. It is worth mentioning here that he was only seventeen years old at that time and not only he got famous by his hair style but also by his playing in football match.

2. Mohawk

top ten best Neymar haircuts

Mohawk haircut of Neymar is also known as trademark of Neymar and is one of top ten Neymar haircut. When Neymar carried that haircut it was buzzed from sides and a Mohawk on top of head and he looked really very cool in that hair style. He appeared in Mohawk in 2010 when he was 18 years old in Santos. At that Mohawk was kempt and in shorter length. One year later Neymar appeared officially in US and at that time his Mohawk was flamboyant, because his hair got length and because of this his Mohawk got extra-ordinary shape and became unique.

3. Fauxhawk

top ten best Neymar haircuts

Fauxhawk is hair style of Neymar which has resemblance with bleach blonde. It is one of the most stylish haircuts Neymar carried out since now and also one of top ten Neymar haircut. This hair cut was very unique and with extravagant quality of unique spikes that looked like they are gelled in exact center of head. Neymar first appeared in Fauxhawk in 2011 but later in 2012 when he was seen again in that hair style he looked more stylish because of muted tone of Fauxhawk. It is worth mentioning here that at that time he was in Switzerland and was going to get award for his best goal of the year in Puskas award.

4. Multiple Spikes or Mullet

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This is one of the classy haircuts Neymar ever had. Long hair with organized spikes is the ultimate trend of Neymar and it was the hair style which depicted Neymar’s ultimate classy look. This haircut was so elegant that it did not show pressure of football match on Neymar’s face. This was one the top ten best Neymar haircuts that he carried multiple spikes with so much elegant short cut sides.

5. Ponytail Braided

top ten best Neymar haircuts

In Brazil it is famous to make ponytail and then spliced these hairs which are in ponytail. In this haircut Neymar followed his traditional country hair style and it is one of his top ten best Neymar haircuts. For this haircut Neymar made his hairs to grow as much as they can and then sliced his sides and then made ponytails at back by splicing them in two or three strands and these hairs in strands were curled and they were protected by using clips at end. Many boys followed this hair-style to look hot.

6. Bob Marley Long Curls

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This hair- style was given name of Bob Marley long curls because this haircut of Neymar looked like hair-style of Bob Marley and is one of top ten best Neymar haircuts. This was the haircut which Neymar carried in 2012 football match when it was Brazil U-23 team and it is one of memorable haircut of Neymar.

7. Bleached blonde

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This haircut of Neymar was very glossy and looked like a bleached blonde and is one of top ten best Neymar haircuts. He appeared in this haircut in 2013 when he was still carrying his Mohawk of 2012 but as it was 2013 football match so he was seen in his bleached Mohawk which was looking very shiny and glossy and gained attention of everyone. At that time Neymar wanted to get sights of Europe and he was still wrecking with Santos, so this haircut was his best choice ever to gain attention of everyone.

8. Fringed Hairstyle

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This was one of the hottest and one of top ten best Neymar haircuts. In this haircut some hairs were on forehead of Neymar with Mohawk on center of head and on side’s short trimmed hairs. This haircut gave him an astonishing elegant look. As there was semi Mohawk on center of head and strands of hairs at back this fusion of Mohawk and strands was no doubt the most elegant and flurry haircut Neymar ever had.

9. Messy Dreadlock

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This hair cut was one of the most elegant and sign of powerful haircut Neymar ever had. This haircut covered entire head of Neymar with multiple layers and showing them in fluffy strands but giving a messy look. This haircut showed like Neymar is getting strength from this haircut and was one of fierceful and iconic haircut Neymar ever had.Lofty long hair layers with dreadlocks on entire head are one of top ten best Neymar haircuts.

10. Hair Gel Dye

top ten best Neymar haircuts

This is the current haircut Neymar is carrying out and is one of top ten best Neymar haircuts. These trendy hairstyles of Neymar are no doubt are a sign of his promising bright future ahead. This haircut looked like it was proper gelled and looked tame which gave Neymar an elegant look. In presentation of Barcelona he carried this haircut with shaved sides and with no hair dye and he looked again attractive at that time. This man is king of haircuts according to me. Now I got the reason why youngsters are attracted towards him with so much excitement.








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