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Turkey: Huge Blast Takes Place in Wedding Ceremony, 30 Killed, 94 Injured

A huge blast takes place in Turkey again this time an outdoor wedding ceremony in Gaziantep is on the target in result of this blast round about 30 people are killed and 94 are injured.
From last two months the country of historic places Turkey is suffering from very harsh conditions as terrorist are continuously attacking in Turkey due to this huge amount of blasting and killing may people lost their lives o daily bases.
Now a terrorist blast spoils the most happiest moment of human life, this time terrorist target an outdoor wedding ceremony at Gaziantep which is situated in the south eastern portion of Turkey and this city is previously known as Antep.
In Gaziantep during this happy occasion a blast takes place in this terrorist blast according to an estimate 30 people are killed and 94 are injured in these injured people condition of some people is very critical and for some people is very hard to fight from death with their wounds.
Till now not even a single terrorist organization accepts the responsibility of this attack but according to the government of Turkey the so called Islamic State in Syria is behind all this as the distance between Syrian city Aleppo and Gaziantep is 97 Kilometers and the distance form Syrian border is 64 Kilometers.
And it is not for the first time that so called Islamic State attack in Turkey previously the last attack done by IS Militant group in turkey is in June when these rebels target the Istanbul Airport.
In this attack by the terrorist more than 40 people killed and many are injured as well. The clash between Turkey and Syria is very old and both countries never miss a chance to hit each other.

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