Turkish Government Begins Campaign Against Islamic State Group In Syria


Turkish military forces are now on fire, the Turkish Special Forces in Syria are going to take huge step of clearing the town of Jarablus situated on the boarder of Syria.


Now Turkey is sick of from all those activates of killing and air strikes take place in the Jarablus Town and in most of the attacks and air strikes the Syrian rebels are behind these activities and now Turkish Special Forces which are supported by Turkey are now going to take big steps to remove all the rebels from Jarablus.

Turkey is fully supporting its Military Forces as their only demand is that they want wand this town of Jarablus free from the rule of rebels or these rebels called themselves members of Islamic State group which is responsible for most of the terrorist attacks takes place all over in the world especially in the western countries.

While talking about this matter a statement comes out from the office of Turkish Prime Minister which is “The Turkish Armed Forces and the International Coalition Air Forces have launched a military operation aimed at clearing the district of Jarablus of the province of Aleppo from the terrorist organization Daesh,”

In this statement the authorities use the name of Daesh and it is an Islamic State in Iraq and one of the most powerful Islamic State basically this organization is responsible for all the terrorist activities and there are different troops of terrorist in the world which are associated with Daesh.

In last few weeks many air strikes as well as bomb blasts takes place in Turkey and most of them are happen in Jarablus even that a wedding ceremony was also targeted by this so called Islamic State group but now Turkish Government is going to take strong action against these rebels.


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