Twelve Habits that Support Chinese Women to Stay Young


Twelve Habits Support Chinese Women to Stay Young

In old times women health care was not focused but since the reforming era women’s health is being focused. Though when we talk about the beauty of Chinese women, they are exquisite since beginning. Chines women are renowned for their loveliness. Their body shape, elegant features and sensitive looks are always been valued. Chinese women have black hair and white spot less skin.
Chinese women are renowned for having secrets to stay young and beautiful. And in the eastern countries it is tough to tell the exact age of a woman, through their appearance. Chinese women are said to be younger and fresh for long time that’s why all other women want know the secrets behind the beauty of Chinese women. Following we have presented a list of Twelve Habits that Support Chinese Women to Stay Young, so you can know how their lives are differ from ours.
 The first most thing to share is; elder Chinese women used to wear cute and bright coloured clothes that other country women avoid.
1. Beautiful Chinese Women spend heavy amount on their beauty products, almost $300 or above in just one single month. One interesting news is these Chinese women prefer Japanese and Korean brands and we all know there are European brands, which are so expensive.

Twelve Habits Support Chinese Women to Stay Young
2. Traditionally China is slanted towards long-lasting relationships and that’s why here we use western term sexy at place of beautiful. Beauty refers to facial & features then white skin and Chinese women can do anything for a fair and flawless skin. They buy all products from sunscreen to skin whitener. It western countries some female spend on those products which make their skin tanned but this thing is just far from Chinese women.
3. On the subject of body figure, chines female are the most sensitive and slim ones worldwide, while those who are not slim are considered chubby. The most voluminous female of China is Charlize Theron.

Twelve Habits Support Chinese Women to Stay Young
4. Though being chubby is cute, not bad; but don’t ever call a Chinese lady “strong”, they will become your enemy. Because strong is used for men and it is known as insulting for women. Chubby is the feminine quality.
5. In China every girl must be polite and adorable; like she is a permanent small princess. They always select pastel tones while choosing a colour in any product, especially pink shade is picked in accessories and clothes. This colour selection is not just for young girls, Chinese women pick bright and pastels tones at any time of life, either 30, 40 or 50, 60.

Twelve Habits Support Chinese Women to Stay Young
6. The most important habit in this list of Twelve Habits that Support Chinese Women to Stay Young this one is the best one. Chinese women used to wake-up and sleep early. They have sacred daily routine. Chinese women used to take a nap after lunch. In the whole Chinese country there is a fixed time for breakfast, lunch and dinner; no compromise.
7. Selection of food by Beautiful Chinese Women is very healthy, which is beneficial for them. For example they like to pick ginger, jojoba or black sesame etc. and yes they prefer black not brown sugar that helps them in staying more fertile and young.

8. Chinese women are opposed to all type of sweets and chocolates. They prefer spicy or salty snacks and consume loads of herbs and vegetables. This habit support to maintain their figure. This supports them to look young.
9. Taking selfies is just a love for Chinese women. They click their pictures and post them on their social sites account. As we all know most of the smart phones are made in China and for Chinese women there are built-in cameras that enlarge their eyes darker and bigger. Small eyes is the only imperfection in Chinese female but cameras correct their this default and develop a perfect picture of them that’s why people like them so much after looking them on social sites.
 All Chinese women know to click a perfect selfie, hold the phone little above from yourself and tilt slightly.
10. Women in China always used to cover their top part of body. They might wear miniskirts, it would be flawless but even a small cut will consider offensive. Self-respecting Chinese girls wear qipao, which is a traditional but a seductive dress with tight fitting. This helps them always look young.

Twelve Habits Support Chinese Women to Stay Young
 A Chinese restaurant offer piquant thing; the girl with a skirt 3 inch above her knee may get a 20% discount and who wear skirt 13 inches above her knee will a discount of 90%.
11. Second worst enemy of Chinese women is cold weather after sun. They only use hot drinks and don’t even eat ice creams. They fear from cold and when a lady give birth she don’t take shower for a month even not a ginger-infused bath.
12. Another exciting habit of Chinese women that is presented here in list of twelve Habits that Support Chinese Women to Stay Young, “zuo yue zi”. Mother of new born baby child will stay out of bed before one month completion, she stops in bed, wrapped in warmest clothes. New born child will be cared by father or his female relatives. They believe a woman lose a large amount of energy while giving birth, which can only be recovered by taking one month rest.
The Beautiful Chinese Women best power and support is their eternal belief of beauty and support of their men. It is said that there is no place unlike China where women get so pampered and cared.


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