Two Bloodsheds In Mexico 7 People Killed Belong To Same Family, Total 16 People Killed


MEXICO: Bloodshed in Mexico once again 2 different incidents takes place in first incident 9 persons are killed and in second incident 7 persons are killed and these 7 people belong form same family.


In municipality community 9 dead bodies are found and these dead bodies are burned badly and all these are placed near the main oil pipe line of Mexico and oil form pipes is flowing continuously after the report of dead bodies police appear on the scene and seal the whole area.

After that it is assume that these are the local oil thief who are trying to steal the oil from main pipe line and might be somehow oil set on fire and all these 9 thieves burned along with the oil but it is strange that oil is coming out from the pipe but no blast takes place in the pipe this thing is disturbing the investigation team.

On the other side in a house of Mexico a 7 dead bodies are found and theses dead bodies have bullets inside them this shows that these dead bodies are shot by a person and these 7 persons include 2 children according to local media report of that area there are no evidence of killer that who kill these and why these are killed.

These two incidents show that the security of Mexico is very weak and unable to stop the killing as first incident is case of theft and that is not such big issue as they are performing bad deeds.

but on the other side it show that the citizen of Mexico are not even safe in their houses but till now the death of these 7 people is a mystery and it is also not sure that 9 burned dead bodies are really involve in oil stealing case.


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