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Two Car Bomb Blast Take Place In Turkey, 8 Killed And 219 Injured

The death rate in Turkey is rising day by day just due to activates of rebels and PKK this Time to car bomb blast take place near a police station and in the result of these two blast 8 people are killed and 219 are injured.
Just like past few weeks the rebels and the PKK party members target the security forces as they want to week the defense policy of Turkey and on Wednesday two car bomb blasts takes place one by one and both are happen near the Police satiation on a bright sunny morning when everybody was busy in performing its daily routine work.
First car bomb blast take place in the city of eastern province of Turkey Van which is situated on the shore of Lake Van this blast takes place near the police station and in the result of this blast one on duty police officer along with 2 civilians killed on the spot and according to an estimate 73 people are injured in the first last.
After this first blast another blast take place with a gap of all most an hour as huge amount of people and security officers gathered there in an hour and that other blast take place in this second blast 3 peoples along with a child are killed and this second blast is more stronger than the first one so in this blast the number of injured people is 146.
These one by one two blasts bring a lot of destruction due to this blast car standing by to the blast car also blew up big cracks also appears on the buildings some of the trees are also uprooted and that beautiful place turned into a crash place and smoke is everywhere there.

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