U. N. Officials Call On Saudi Arabia To End Laws Over Execution Of Children


The United Nations right experts call on Saudi Arabia on Friday to end laws that allows people to punished Children with amputation, stoning and execution of children as young as 15 to be punished and executed.


The U.N. right exerts raised their voices to criticize Saudi Arabia to stop the severe discrimination against girls and demands to end the laws allowing people to punish younger children by stoning and amputation as well as asked to stop the inhuman behavior of being executed the younger ones as 15.

As UN has gone offensive with Saudi Arabia’s government over the issue of inhuman behavior, asked the kingdom’s officials to end up the law to punish children with amputation or by stoning.

The committee of rights of the Child conducted a meeting over the conclusion of Child immorality in Saudi Kingdom, the Saudi State with ratifies as pact is reviewed since every few year.

The Children under 15 are tried as adults in this kingdom and can be executed while the reports revealed that the UN defines the age of work of Children as 18.

A member of rights expert committee, Jorge Cardona told in his new briefing that the much serious concert is the possibility of imposing death penalty on children as well as the punishment of amputation, being flogged and child torture is especially very harsh.

The committee is composed with 18 rights experts who are monitoring and consulting over the issue where they pointed number of cases where minors are sentenced to be executed.

A leaked report revealed there are 47 people who sentenced to death and executed on 2nd January most of them were under 18, but the kingdom were not showed mercy on them.


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