U.S Election 2016: Joe Biden Rules Out Being A Potential Secretary Of Hillary Clinton If She Won


Vice President Joe Biden rules out the possibility of being the potential secretary of State President on Friday if Hillary Clinton’s administration unleashed in United States as his name at the top of internal short list.


Hillary Clinton, who is campaigning for next month presidential election also her administration concerning about the Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s administration. Sources connected to Hillary Clinton’s campaign and team as well released on Friday.

Among some other name Joe Biden’s name top listed for high profile role, if Hillary Clinton will successfully take down Donald Trump in Presidential election.

Vice President Mr. Biden’s name leading the entire list, there had been reported in Politico Hillary Clinton’s team also drawn out his name, should be entered to Oval office.

But here is running something unpleasant, Vice President Mr. Joe Biden looking awkward to serve him as the potential Secretary of Hillary Clinton’s administration although his recent interview to Minnesota TV station revealed.

“I’ll do anything I can if Hillary’s elected to help her, but I don’t want to remain in the administration,” Mr. Biden added more, “I have no intention of staying involved. I have a lot of things to do, but I’ll help her if I can in any way I can.”

However, Joe Biden revealed expected President of state Hillary Clinton has not reached him about any of the potential role for her administration in future moths.

Joe Biden hugely experienced and popular politician with democrats as he formally served senator of state for 36 years as well as he is the former chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

He participated in Hillary Clinton’s campaign energetically when Donald Trump opened vulgar comments against women.


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