U.S Elections 2016: Donald Trump Overtakes Hillary Clinton First Time In Poll In Wake Of Email Scandal


Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump has edged ahead of Democratic Hillary Clinton in major national poll for the first time since May after wake up of her least email scandal, a major survey reported.


Republican nominee Donald Trump is leading Democratic Hillary Clinton for one-point and it’s expected Republican is too close to call in election after a report submitted by a major survey.

Strong enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton, she is now a slim point behind Donald Trump for the first time since May but vote preference has been held essential.

Donald Trump has edged ahead of Hillary Clinton as revealed by ABC News and Washington Post, the Post tracking polls has been released on Tuesday in which Donald Trump is now leading with one percentage, the major survey reports have been produced by Langer Research Associations for ABC.

The major survey result were within the poll margin of error, showed two candidates in statistical tie but the result has shaken the Hillary Clinton’s supporter as Donald Trump has been leading Clinton for first time since May.

The latest result revealed, 46 percent of voters supports Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump while Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton liked by 45 percent of voters.

The last week ABC Polls found Hillary Clinton has taken a struggling 12 points lead to her rival, the Associated Press-GfK showed Democratic Hillary Clinton had won 51 percent vote while Republican Donald Trump had won only 37 percent voters support.

Mr. Trump has already called the U.S election “rigged” amid the presidential debate with its presidential rival, although the major support was with Hillary Clinton as much rating lacked after Donald Trump’s video leaked against women, recently he also joked the U.S officials have to declare him the winner and cancel the election.


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