United Arab Emirates Gives Life Sentences To 11 Over Terrorism Charges


This news from highest court of United Arab Emirates that they have given life Sentences to 11 people that were accused for planning and attacking widely in Arab Countries and also Seeking the topple of Arab Governments.


The highest and top court of the Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates has given life sentences and jail to many people that were including in planning and attacking in Arab countries.

They have also planned of seeking the topple of Arab Government therefore they term to jail almost 27 people in which two people for 15 years both, two men for five years, thirteen men for 10 years each, six for 3 years and four people for just six months.

According to reports of Arab news agencies that last year in October almost 41 people which were charged for being for possessing firearms and they all are including in terrorism and also against the Government.

All security agencies of the country as they have firearms and explosive material too for attacking different areas of the country and also on security agencies of country by this material but they were set after some time as no evidence was against them.

According to prosecutors that all these people are the part and members of Minaret Youth which trained Emirati and non- Emirati people against Government and to attack in different parts of country as they are part of terror group which is against Arab countries ISIS Terror group which is also known as Daest Takfiri Group.

They are highly charged for to raise funding from many different other terror groups like ISIS from Syria and from Nusra Front.

As leader of their group is now in Dubai and preaching on this aspect in mosque and UAE Government is also under criticism by many human rights organization on their steps against them.


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