United States Air Raids Destroyed Cash Currency Of Daesh Of Worth $ 800 Million


General Staff of United States Peter Gersten, around 500 to 800 million in cash currency destroyed in their attack on Daesh’s where houses. According to Treasury department of United State, Daesh declared as the highest funding extremist organization.


Baghdad: The air raids of United States, who has the mission to cease Islamic State, led the destruction of Daesh’s where house in which extremist organization kept $ 800 million.

Major General Peter Gersten who is known as the most senior United States military officer confirmed to destroy the sensitive target by their most experienced coalition fighters, US Military fighters attacked 20 times on jihadist group’s funds where house but failed to clarify the exact amount that they went up in smoke.

US Military Major General described about their last attack in the city of Iraq, Mosul: they attack on a particular house where allegedly $ 150 million dollars were destroyed to achieve the mission, precise instructions given by United States intelligence sources.

Due to blow to the coffer of Daesh, total defections is almost 90% as the flow of fighters become lower, US Military Major General said, because of their operation against Deash, they unable to pay their warriors and fighters due to which their morale dropping continuously as well as their fighting capacity decreasing and people moving on to leave the extremist organization.

Terrorist Group Daesh’s exact available amount is unknown but according to an estimate their total available cash currency considered $ 2 billion however, according to Sunni Islamic, fundamentalist movement suffered from heavy losses as their oil wells subjected to heavy shelling.

After these losses, extremist organization approved the budget of $ 2 billion dollars that predicted to be increased to the worth of $ 2 and half billion dollars.


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