US Election Presidential 2016: Donald Trump Claims “The Election Is Rigged”


The Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump is narrowing the gap on presidential rival Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton by claiming before; the electoral system is rigged against him as the possibility of defeat increasing day after day.


The Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has always been in conspiracy theorist, with the collapse in his election campaign he has build another conspiracy theory by narrowing.

The gap on his presidential rival nominee Hillary Clinton by assisting the ongoing election is going to be rigged and totally against him although the electoral system indeed not working well and he could have to face defeat with because of voters fraud.

Hillary Clinton’s number of chances sharply raising that’s why the republican presidential nominee Donald Trump thoroughly shaken by the election results, with the threat of being lose Donald Trump already explaining.

Why he would have to face the defeat and the total allegation has headed towards Hillary by claiming the election is rigged and his presidential rival has stolen his votes.

In Donald Trump’s recent rally on Monday evening, the 66-year old Dave Radtke explained his observation that Donald Trump’s party will load people from Chicago on Buses and led them to Wisconsin to vote for him where only the legal and registered residents are allowed to vote on Election Day.

The claim of being election rigged is purely a fantasy, the voter fraud not existed in such an established country United States, the claim on such a large scale enough to rig an election thoroughly impossible.

Because the election campaigns’ experts said, there exist so many layers which are overlapping and yet such possibility on large enough scale is completely an allegation.

With the best election campaign, Hillary closed to lead Donald Trump as he is running an incomplete election campaign.


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