US-Led Coalition Over Turkish Air Base Due To Resume Air Strikes IS


WASHINGTON: There is a great military relationship and understanding between United States and Turkey United States is using the Turkish Military Air Bases to fight with the Jihadists or terrorists who are hiding themselves at Syria Iraq.


During this operation against the Jihadists military groups of United States are given some dictations from the Turkish authorities and this is compulsory for the Military Troops to obey these dictations, but a United States military group follows the path of coup d’état and resume the air strikes from a Turkish base which is Under the US Military Troops.

But this is a failed attempt after the Islamic State and after this whole activity US-led coalition against this group and this group was suspended due to failed military coup d’état.

After this whole matter on Sunday Pentagon takes action and said that, The US-led coalition against the Islamic State (IS) group has resumed air strikes from a Turkish air base that were suspended after a failed military coup d’état.

After this action of Pentagon Turkish forces don’t show any rude behavior toward United States instead of aggressive behavior Turkish forces step forward for the betterment of relationship between Turkish and united States Military.

The step taken by Turkish Authorities is that Turkey opens its air for the military air craft’s of United States so that Military Troops United States are getting independent with the passage of time now there will be no check on air craft’s of US Military by Turkish Authorities.

After this agreement Peter Cook Spokesperson of Pentagon states that, “After close coordination with our Turkish allies, they have reopened their airspace to military aircraft,”

On the other side Turkish Authorities impose a security lockdown on Incirlik air base which is used by the several military forces as well as US Military Troops this air base is in the southern portion of Adana province of Turkey and base camp of US Military Troops.


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