US Military will guard the Mexico border until wall is built; Trump finally announced the news


Donald Trump announced his plans of US military guarding the Mexico border until the border wall is built. The announcement was made on Tuesday.

US Military will guard the Mexico border until wall is built; Trump finally announced the news

In a lunch with Baltic leaders held on Tuesday, Donald Trump shared his thoughts that he has been discussing this particular action with his defense secretary Jim Mattis for a long time.

Trump told reporters in a press conference held at White House that, we are going to do things militarily now. Until the wall is build or a propter security measure is taken, the border with Mexico is going to be guarded while using military force. This is indeed a big step that we have not done before ever. “

In his lunch with Baltic Leaders Trump also criticized on the Catch & Release law regarding immigrants in words like,

“we are preparing to protect our borders with Mexico. We are going to have a meeting about this plan in short time including Jim Mattis and every one of us thinks that this is something we must do.”

Trump has already vented his frustration on his twitter account with consecutive three days of posts saying that America has weak borders.

It is certainly not he first time that US military has been deployed to border. Under the operation Jump Start of 2006, 6000 US troops were stationed at border to increase security as well as surveillance. For this two year operation, about 29000 National Guard forces have participated in the mission of border security. During this period 30 miles of fencing, 13 miles of roads and 86 miles of vehicle barriers were built to carry out this operation.

The Baltic states of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are under damaging threat from Russia but Trump’s relationship with Vladimir Putin has seen some spotlight in past few days. When asked by a reporter on this matter in a White House Press Conference, Trump replied by saying that

“nobody has been tough on Russia that I have been, I know you are nodding yes because everyone knows I have been tough”.



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