US President Barack Obama Lands In Saudi Arabia For Fence-Mending Visit


On Wednesday, United State President Barack Obama held tense talk with the King of Saudi Arabia Salman as US President began his two day visit with the hope to ease tensions with United State alliance.


Obama, who is making probably his last visit to Saudi Arabia as President will attend the conference tomorrow where he emphasize the focus on intensifying fight against the terrorist organizations of Islamic state as well as to resolve the war in Yemen and Syria.

Saudi Arabia’s King Salman welcomed the Gulf leaders on the arrival at Riyadh airbase, but the King not present there when Obama landed at King Khalid International airport although US president welcomed with red carpet but his arrival not broadcaster on televisions.

“I and the Saudi people are very pleased that you Mr President are visiting us,” Salman said at his Erga Palace before a two-hour meeting with Obama, who responded that, the United States was “very grateful for your hospitality.”

However the relations between United States and Saudi Arabia awkward when United States brokered down the nuclear deal with rival Iran, United States also charged for being involved in 9/11 attack in US. 15 of the nineteen hijackers were Saudi citizens but officials prove the Al-Qaeda’s attack.

According to the White house news, US president was to met with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al-Nahyan who is the crown prince of Abu Dhabi to took overview that how he reinforce cooperation to kneel-down Islamic state terror group.

The visit is also for the reduction of the backdrop bad news for Saudi Arabia, Obama forced world biggest oil exporters to take the first sovereign loan in least 15 years on Wednesday.

However according to a report Saudi Arabia is the country who considered the largest purchaser of American made weapons.


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