Vinod Khanna is getting better and is stable, hospital states:


Vinod Khanna is getting better and is stable, hospital states:

The elegant star, Vinod Khanna who once competed with Amitabh Bachchan, is seemingly suffering of cancer plus his photo from hospital among his family has shocked the fans. Whilst the actor’s family has yet to verify news, Gurdaspur MP himself had notified in his electorate in this February that he was not present throughout Punjab elections plus previously was undergoing cure of cancer. He also had stated that he’s in doing better and recovering. The actor had stated he was making public regarding cancer just because he’s in now public life. Vinod Khanna is recognized for his movies for example Amar Akbar Anthony, Qurbani, Davayan and a lot of others.

On the night of Thursday, hospital subjected a statement stating Vinod Khanna was taken in hospital with stern dehydration. “He was admitted in Sir H.N. Reliance Foundation Hospital on Friday by way of severe dehydration. He is in care of our doctors plus has retorted positively to treatment moreover is now stable. His family express thanks to his well-wishers for good wishes plus requests to esteem their privacy,” was official statement of hospital regarding health of 70 year of age actor. It did not comment regarding cancer.

The statement came in view of an on Thursday photo that gone viral, presenting a pale-appearing Vinod among his family. Transformation in actor was severe plus people initiated taking it on social media in order to present their well wishes for him.

Previously, Rahul Khanna his son had stated that his dad is undergoing stern dehydration. “On Friday Dad was hospitalized for extreme dehydration. The condition was swiftly brought controlled, he is doing a lot better plus doctors are relying on discharging him before long. We most thankful for astonishing care he has been getting at hospital in addition to we are thankful for all compliments coming in all the time,” Rahul stated.

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