Vladimir Putin Ruling Party Affirmed To Expands The Control Of Parliament Again


President of Russia won all the results that He wants in the Parliament of his country Russia as He continued to support the leading party, United Russia with two third majority win in the election.


Ruling party Russia United Russia won again parliament election as by the support of President of the country Vladimir Putin.

Party won the election win the majority two third and also it is claimed that votes were more free and fair this time than that of previous ones.

So according to the election commission of the country that party has about 54 percent votes in all ballots in which 92 percent counting is complete so the other supported parties of the president Putin also got about 5 percent of the seats in the parliament while opposition parties Parnas and Yabloko failed to made single victory.

There is also expectation of announcement of full results of this election on Monday that is obviously ended with the victory of President Vladimir Putin.

So it is great victory for the United Russia Party that they won all the elections with majority for over a decade.

As it is cleared that President Putin is not the formal member of the part so He paid heartiest congratulations to all the members of the party after the first result came.

He said that things are much tough for people but they have still lot of believe on party because United Russia is doing well for the welfare of the citizens.

Turnout in the Moscow parliament in 2011 was not less than 50 Percent but this time there was only 29 percent turnout shown in the results so nobody know that how much these elections helpful for the President Putin because in 2018 president is expected to stand for the elections of president but there are much hopes for the Putin in that challenge.


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